Being More Reflective This New Year

TheNew Year gatherings are definitely not getting over so soon! We were all singing! With that extra layer on, Big Apple is pulsating with the festive fervor everywhere. We were at Kate’s place. Teddy was here after a long time. Emily sang a beautiful song by Adele. Gnocchi with butter, lobster poach, clam chowder, fajitas, it was a sumptuous affair at lunch.

We were all playing cards when I saw Donna and Emily busy arguing in the kitchen. After a while, Donna came and sat beside me. “Bob, Emi wants to quit her job to be a singer. Like what is wrong with her? I fail to understand her at times!” she expressed angrily. “Calm down! I’ll go and talk to her,” I replied.

I went to the kitchen. “All okay? Why don’t you join us for the card game?” I asked. “I told mom that I want to be a singer. I am thinking of quitting my job for this. What’s wrong in it?” she whined. “There is nothing wrong with it. But are you sure?” I asked.

“I am. Today when I go to live concerts or watch the music albums, I feel it in me. I want to be like one of them. I want to be famous,” she answered.

“You want to do it for being famous?” I asked. “Ummm….I would love to be in the limelight. I love singing. I must give it a shot,” she expressed.

 “Emi you are being impulsive! We often like the idea of doing something just because we find the end result to be enticing. Sooner or later the realization will hit that a lot of dedication is required. It cannot be treated as a mere hobby. You have to be ready to enjoy the process and do better each day. That includes enjoying both the highs and the lows,” I expressed.

She was silent for a moment. “I never thought this way. You’re right! I need to figure out if I am ready to put in so much effort. I must be sure before making the dive. Risking my job doesn’t seem wise,” she replied.

“That’s better! There is no hurry. Reflect and see! You can always take up doing what you like. But be aware of the journey which precedes the final destination. Now shall we go and join others for playing cards?” I asked. “Yes! Let us join them!” she said and we went back.

We often get carried away by the popularity and success of others. In doing that, we overlook their consistent effort which was put behind. Are we willing to do all that it takes to be there? Are we resilient enough to face the regular challenges? It is a constantly evolving process that requires the right proportion of uniqueness and grit to survive. It is constantly doing better each day without giving up.

Don’t let the outward shine make you act on your impulses. This New Year let us be less impulsive and more reflective of our decisions!

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