Make It A Year To Follow Your Dreams

Big Apple is throbbing with vivacity and everyone is busy with their New Year plans. Sipping the first sip of coffee, I started unwrapping the Christmas presents. Each and every gift was special and significant. The thing which came out of the fifth box touched my heart. It was a dreamcatcher’. What a beautiful gift! How thoughtful!

The traditional old belief of the ‘dreamcatcher’ was that they filtered the negative thoughts and allowed good thoughts and dreams to pass through. It is still considered a lucky charm that flushes out the bad energy thereby filling our lives with good energy and positivity.

I went near the window to hang it. Just then Aaliyah came from behind and hugged me. “Good morning! What are you doing my love?” she asked. When I turned to reply she squeaked, “Dreamcatcher! This one is so pretty!” “It is! Let me hang it here,” I said.

“Do you believe in the myth?” she asked.  “Yes, I do believe! Back in California, Liz and I had one in our bedroom. However, more than anything I believed in my own dreams. I’m glad I followed my heart. The decision of quitting a high paid job to become a passionate writer wasn’t easy. Nonetheless, I chose to live my dream life,” I answered.

“I’m so proud of you Bob! You actually did it! What was that one thing that made you so confident to take this leap?” She asked. “My dream always made me feel alive. It was the motivation behind my every breath. It made me hopeful just like a child. It served as a direction and meaning to my life,” I replied.

“I totally agree! Chasing our dreams make our lives worth living,” she expressed. Kong came with his slobbery mouth. “Poor boy! It’s his breakfast time!” I expressed. “It is also our breakfast time, Bob! Let’s go to the pet café nearby and have some good food,” she said. “Great idea! Come! Let’s get ready Kong!” I expressed. Kong acknowledged with a ‘Woof!’ and we soon left for breakfast.

The initial fear of following our dreams is quite natural. However, at the zenith, they give us the courage to face life and make us unstoppable. This new year let us be determined to think out of the box and garner the courage to chase and fulfill our dreams. There will be no regrets. Living the life of your dreams, I guess, is what it is ‘all about’.

Make the upcoming year a ‘year to follow your dreams’. Happy New Year everyone!

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