Learn To ‘Live In The Moment’

Enjoying the Apple Toddy along with Asparagus nuggets, we were all busy with the Christmas decorations in Mrs. Bradley’s garden. Everyone was wrapped in nostalgia. “Do you remember the holiday season when we were in college? We couldn’t wait to go back home!” expressed Steve.

“Bob you remember this one time we had planned a trip without any room reservation? We found it quite thrilling,” said Adrian. “I remember this one time I was caught sneaking out of the house because I was not being allowed to go out with the gang,” expressed Megan. “I loved the school days. All that I had to care about was homework after going back home. I so wish we could go back to those carefree days!” said Kate.

Each one was mulling over the past. All longed to go back to the bygone days. I was enjoying the conversation when Steve asked, “Hey Bob! Don’t you feel that those days were far better?”

“Well, I love the memories we made but I feel even the present times are good too. I too feel nostalgic at times but I don’t dwell in the past,” I answered. “I often do that and crave to have those days back,” said Aaliyah.

“We all have these sudden pop up of past events. Either we reflect on the lessons or we love thinking of the good times. However, to find solace in that and not being present in the ‘now’ isn’t something to carry on with. We should focus at the moment and make life beautiful,” I expressed.

“Bob you’re right! I compare the former days with the latter and feel empty. It’s like something is lacking whereas, in reality, everything is alright,” expressed Adrian. “At times, I feel I am unable to move forward due to the memories. At the same time I love it,” said Megan.

“Reliving those moments become a determinant of comparison. We forget that it is never possible to have the same experience again even with the same people at the same place,” I expressed.

“I agree. By continuing this way we actually pay the cost of ‘now’,” said Steve. Everyone agreed. All felt that it was high time to act on the present without letting the past hold back. “Now let’s enjoy singing the carols and get done with the arrangements? We have so much to do,” I said. “Oh yes! Let’s get started again,” expressed Donna and we got back with our decoration.

If we keep on re-reading the last chapter we will never move on to the next chapter. Be it a good memory of the past or a not so fond memory, we should always dwell in the present. Be happy ‘now’. Live in the moment and be happy. Merry Christmas everyone!

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