Happy Father’s Day from Editor Bob

Hey there,

Happy Father’s Day! Especially to those studs out there who are celebrating it for the first time! I’ve already sent my dad his present–I hope he likes it…

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  Father’s Day [Jun 15]

A couple of days ago, my sister Liz and I spoke about Dad, and we decided to get him a little something together for Father’s Day. We talked about the times when we were growing up and how Mom and Dad used to play the “good cop, bad cop” thing on us. We always asked Dad, first, if we wanted something because we knew that the probability of getting a “yes” was higher. Dad wanted us to learn from our decisions, whereas Mom always asked us questions and made sure we did our chores first.

Dad has been a person of little words since we were kids. He raised us more by example than anything else. When he spoke, though, we listened, and he was always enigmatic. There was always a hidden meaning that I never got, but Liz always managed to decipher him. By the time I got to high school, I had wanted a whole bunch of skateboard gear and I figured I was too old to ask money from my parents so I worked at a burger joint. One day, I was really angry about flipping burgers. I came home huffing and puffing, having one of my teenage angst-ridden rampages. Dad saw me and asked me what the matter was. I told him that I was fed up with flipping burgers. He said that we all have to start somewhere, he said that we may not know it now, but the skills we learn even in a burger joint, might come in handy later in life. “Who knows, you might end up having to run a restaurant or even own one when you grow up,” said Dad. He calmed me down and I kept what he said in mind, even though I really didn’t agree with it.

A couple of years later, when I got to college, I worked in a restaurant. During one of the really busy days that we had, we were short on kitchen staff. The patrons were getting restless and the orders were getting delayed. We were sure any minute that a riot would break out. I couldn’t stand the tension any more, so I rolled up my sleeves, got myself a hair net and helped out in the hot kitchen. We caught up with the orders eventually. The owner saw what I did and called me over around closing time. He said that he was very impressed. He raised my salary and made me the assistant manager even though I could only go in part time. That’s when I realized that what my dad said to me all those years before was absolutely true.

I’ve never forgotten what my dad said that day. And whenever I have to do something that requires new skills, no matter how small or insignificant it seems, I have a new perspective that it might really help me later on or even right now and I just don’t know it. Experience is everything and it counts a lot when you take lesson from it. That’s my life’s philosophy.

Cheer Up

Adrian is another guy I’m really glad to have around. He cracks me up all the time at home with his assortment of characters he acts out at dinner or in the morning. I’m not a morning person at all, and you better watch out if I haven’t had my caffeine. But Adrian always manages to wake me up with his sense of humor. He’s a fantastic roommate. I’m really inspired by him because he’s living the dream we both shared once upon a time.

I’ve been down a bit lately and not really wanting to do anything except go to work and do the regular routine stuff. Adrian must’ve sensed something was up with Laura and me, but he didn’t ask me directly. He started acting out all the Robin Williams and the Jim Carrey characters. He made me laugh and I kept smiling. Then he became Adrian again and said, “So what’s up man? What’s been bothering you lately? You’ve been such a grumpy roommate for the past week and I don’t know how much I can take of that.” He was really concerned. So I spilled the beans–I told him about my break up with Laura. I told him that I haven’t really been feeling well since then.

Adrian told me not to worry about it. He said, “You never know what’s waiting for you around the corner, Bob.” He told me to cheer up, and that he’s going to get some friends together to go out for drinks tonight. He really knows how to get you laughing and smiling. Sometimes I think Adrian should’ve been a comic instead of an actor. I think it’s really important to have friends who have a great sense of humor, you never know when you’re going to need them, right?

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  Sneak A Kiss Day [Jun 15]

Then of course there are friends who can’t stop talking about their love life altogether. When we had that catch-up dinner last week, Kate had a diamond ring on her finger. Ya I know, I was so self-absorbed, I forgot to tell you that. Hey, I’m only human! So ya, Jeffrey proposed to Kate after the wedding. Apparently the romantic maestro persuaded Kate to go for a nightcap after the dinner at the wedding. If you missed the story you can read it in the Archive Vault here.

Jeffrey took Kate back to his place and convinced her to have a drink on the roof. Now Kate’s not a person who’s particularly fond of heights but he convinced her enough to get up there through the fire escape. “Once we got up there, he got on his knees and proposed to me under the stars!” Kate said, her cheeks red with excitement and embarrassment at the same time. “He said that he couldn’t live without me and he’d rather have me as his life companion, and asked me to marry him. Now how can I refuse that?” Kate continued. And of course she said yes! She’s a very happy woman these days and she keeps smiling like a goofy girl in kindergarten. The girls started organizing the engagement party already so I’ll keep you updated!

Megan’s New Friend

The other day, Megan called me up and asked me to meet up with her after work. “There’s someone I want you to meet,” she said. “Not that Leo, guy, is it?” I asked. She asked me to come as a favor to her. Sighing, I agreed to do it, but I wasn’t going to enjoy it. In fact, dread was the word that came to mind. She gave me the address and I immediately recognized it as one of those fancy-schmancy restaurants no one can get reservations for, and groaned. “What’s wrong, now, Bob? Megan asked, exasperated. I started to complain about having to go find a jacket and tie, and before I could finish, she said, “It’s the least you can do for me, Bob. I’ve ALWAYS been there for you.” Shocked at what she said, I dropped the subject and mumbled something about getting back to work. It bothered me all day.

At home while ironing, the only tie I could find (rolled up in a ball on the floor of my closet–something with Mickey Mouse playing soccer), I started to think about what Megan said and how she said it. Have I been a horrible friend? Did I not appreciate her enough? I was about to go down in a spiral of self-doubt when Adrian came in. I told him that I needed to borrow one of his jackets. We tried a couple of them out but we had to settle on the only one that kind of fit. I looked like a real idiot. The jacket was some kind of green tweed that didn’t go with the Mickey Mouse tie. Adrian laughed and said that all I needed was a funny wig and clown shoes to complete my outfit. I stormed out of the apartment and hailed a cab to the restaurant.

I was feeling really apprehensive as I entered the place, and searched the room for Megan’s familiar face. The place was packed. I walked up to the maitre d’, who looked me up and down, and with an arched eyebrow, asked me if I had a reservation. I said I was meeting a friend, and as I said it, I saw Megan, flagging me down from across the room. She looked fabulous! All dressed up and sophisticated in a black cocktail dress with her hair up–she looked like she had been taking fashion lessons from Irina.

I was shown over to the table and I felt shabby in my borrowed jacket and the stupid tie I’ve had since high school graduation. There was this guy sitting with her. He was wearing an impeccable suit with the perfect subtle tie and cufflinks. (Does anyone even really wear cufflinks anymore?) He had the perfect goatee and his hair had the slight glints of highlights in that gelled-to-perfection hairstyle. She stood up, gave me a hug and introduced me to Leo. Leo purred and unctuously shook my hand.

One of the weirdest things about Leo is that he repeats everything you say. When I asked Megan why he does it, she said, “Well, he’s an active listener–that’s what active listeners do.” Maybe I should start repeating what other people say to me. Anyway, the dinner was okay, it was pleasant enough but very expensive. Leo kept showing off his French with the waiter and ordering this and that, and explaining to us what the dishes are all about. I finally had it, but didn’t want to make a scene so I just picked up the check. Pride can be really expensive sometimes.

That’s all I have time for today, I’m still in a rut with my break up. Thank you for all your words of encouragement. I really appreciate it. I’ve been trying to see things in a positive light though, so I’ve been reading some inspirational stuff, I’m not into the whole self-help thing but sometimes reading inspirational things here and there helps. So I came by this Zen quote that I’d like to share with ya, “Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us.” wrote Sir Thomas Brown. Maybe you’re also in a rut like me, I’m sure you have many worries, whatever your worries are, remember that there’s an invisible sun within us, and you can always shine through.

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Editor, 123Greetings

51 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day from Editor Bob

  1. Hi Bob!

    I sure enjoy reading your newsletters. I am so glad that somehow I started getting them! :0 You always make me smile and give me something to think about! And, I always learn something. Thank you for all of that! 🙂

    I have to agree with your friend, Adrian….Cheer up! I know how hard it is to be let down in a relationship (Lord knows it has happened to me countless times!). But I have realized that they all happened for a reason, and it all led me to my wonderful boyfriend, George. He is so sweet and giving and loving. I have never had a man love me so much and treat me so good. It is unbelievable! My prayers have been answered, finally! He is definitely a KEEPER! I am so happy. And I know that there is someone for you. You just haven’t met her yet! So, just get up every day and make the most out of each day. Be the best you can be….son, friend, employee, pet owner, etc, etc. Smile and do things for others to make them smile. Before you know it, you will meet her, and you will be happy. Good luck! Looking forward to your next newsletter! Take care! Keep smiling…

  2. Hi Bob,
    I just realized today that you are a pretty young person. I really liked what you had to say about making hamburgers. I try to encourage my 18 yr. old granddaughter for she makes ice cream cakes. I will get her to read this and maybe she won’t be so critical of her peon job, she thinks. Thank you. Jean

  3. Hello Bob

    It is such a joy to receive your newsletters. No matter what your circumstances you are always positive and I love that about you. I hope you find someone really wonderful soon. You seem to be a great guy so I don’t know what’s up with the women around you? Maybe there is someone special around the corner. Good Luck. Cheering you on.
    Have a great weekend. Keep the great newsletters coming. A job well done.

    Kind regards

  4. Dear bob,

    let me thank you for all your lovely letters to us and do send us more and more.I really enjoy reading everything and i take this chance to wish you all the luck and happiness!!!!

  5. Hi Bob, i love your newsletters they are so intresting. I love the way you express yourself so openly and talk what really happens in life. Am sorry for your breakup we all go through that and i know how you feel. I enjoy receiving your letter and am hoping to get more info’. You are a nice guy! Cheers keep up the good job

  6. Hi Bob,
    Just want to thank you a lovely newsletter. to be honest I always just skim through your news letter most of the time but this one caught my attention. Sometimes, reading/listening to other people’s woes, can lift you up and put your own troubles in perspective. Thanks, you made me feel lighter today…

  7. Brilliant as usual. Let’s hope Megan comes to her senses soon. I’m sure it should be you and her as a couple. x

  8. Hi5 Bob!
    We have the same philosophy in life, ‘Experience is everything and it counts a lot when you take lesson from it.’
    That’s totally TRUE!

    Have a great weekend!
    See you @ MySpace 😉

  9. hey its nice to maintane such a gr8 site whr we can find cards for all kinds of occasions….well this newsletter thing is also very good and gives many kind of details too….
    keep up the good work!

  10. Hello, Just want to say how much I enjoy reading your stories. Your words describe your situations so well that I can picture what you are talking about. I laughed when I visualized you in that mickey mouse tie and plaid jacket, you must have really been the center of attention. But, your Friend was happy because you did it for her. Keep up the writing, I look forward to receiving them. I am not your young reader, I am a senior but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying your stories, they are great and from your heart.. JP – p.s. Thank you–Good Luck with everything.

  11. HI BOB,



  12. HI BOB,



  13. i really enjoyed redaing the news letter.it was cute and funny. was feeling a little down and it made me feel beter. thank you nan

  14. Bob, Keep your chin up buddy. All in time and when you least expect it, it will hit you like a ton of bricks and love will be yours. Thank you for the words of widsom you show in your news letters. I look forward to reading them. Have a wonderful weekend. Keep up the good work.

  15. hey Bob,
    look its not that you have not been a good friend, its just that when you are very close to someone and share their ups and downs ALL the time, you sort of grow on each other. its just natural,it always happens. and when your friend meets someone new who listens to everything he/she has to complain about, that person seems like a very special friend who listens to all his/her problems. you have been a good friend, but i think Megan needs a little time to get used to Leo and then i’m sure she’ll realize you have not been a good friend, but that you have been a GREAT friend… till then don’t think what you did wrong, but think about what else to do for her…
    c ya later.

  16. Hi Bobs,

    Ur mail is always helfull.


    Also I suggest you to enhance the colletioin of e cards in almost all the categories as most of gthe existing e cards have been used and now repetitioin is always apprehanded.


  17. I really enjoy your news letters and experiences too. Too bad I am the age I am, I would give Megan a run for her money! Ha!

  18. Hi Bob,
    I have enjoyed your newsletters very much. I read them after just before work and begining to drive home. As far as your relationship goes item will heal your pain, just be buzy. I know it is hard to say then to experience. Read Melody feedback one more time, she has it nailed to the point. As you have stated at the end everybody has worries, just different kind, so we are all globally tied together. I am glad you have your room mate to lean on, you are more than welcome to lean on me, I have my sun shine on you too. Take care till next time.

  19. Well Hi There Bob! Where the heck have you been? This is the first newsletter I have received in months. I look foward to hearing from you, because you are always good for a laugh, a pick-me-up. Sometimes I think you are funny without trying to be, it’s just you. Get out of the funk, tomorrow is another day. Maybe it was not for you.

  20. Hello Bob,
    Just like to say that i find your letters quite informative and entertaining. As you are still feeling a little in the grey just remember this , That life will always have its ups and downs but for every window that closes a new one opens.The trick is to look for the opened not keep gazing at the closed.
    Good luck peacr and happiness be with you always

  21. Dear Bob,
    Alyhough I am 78 years old. (79 this month) I enjoy reading your letters. What you say is both interesting, informative, and most important carry good advice and messages to the young people. A lot of what you say reminds me of advice and help and love from my parents. Keep on writing. God Bless. Dimmy.

  22. Hallo Bob – I am a mutured woman and still miss my Dad on days like Fathers Day, I just want to say how importanat your parents are and you only realise that when they are not there any more – you then wish you were a better child and gave tem more pleasure than grieve.
    Thank you so much for all the lovely cards that we can enjoy with messages for each occasion.
    Wishing all fathers – HAPPY FATHERS DAY

  23. Dear Bob
    I am a senior but I love reading your newsletters. You seem to have it all together and to me it seems you write your letters right from the heart and not just the head.

    It comes right throught to everyone that reads your newsletters………love will come to you when you least expect it and believe me you will know right away that she is the one for you finally.

    Keep your spirits up my friend and smile

  24. Dear Bob- Happy Father’s Day to you too……Kong is proud of you….

    I am a dog mom of 4 myself…..my boys are better than most people I know…..they never let you down…..but people do.

    When you least expect it love will find a way…keep on dreamin’ and believin’

    All the best- Marianne

    Very uplifting newsletter….keep up the good work!

  25. • Dear bob,
    let me thank you for all your lovely letters to us and do send us more and more.I really enjoy reading everything and i take this chance to wish you all the luck and happiness!!!!

  26. Hi Bob,
    Thank you for your stories. I enjoyed them especially about the lesson you learnt at the burger stall.Your father was indeed wise in giving you the advice. Sorry about your break-up. My advise to you is to move on and take one day at a time. Take time to look at the birds and smell the flowers,it is still a beautiful world out there!

  27. Hi,Bob!

    That was wonderful,that someone has time for beeng careful nowadays..
    I really need that!


  28. Dear Bob,Thank you so much for your greeting cards it makes me remember event to greet and cheer up some of my friends and I enjoy the thrill your cards give. Thanks again. Lung

  29. June 15,
    Well here it is another Father’s day. I really liked what you said about your Dad. I raised two sons and a daughter. I never ever dreamed I would get this old,,75,, next month and play with Great gran kids. We didn’t have all the fancy books and experts on child raising as we do now. Somehow we musta done something right cause all of them went out own their own, took their hard knocks and doing well raising their kids. I feel so blessed.
    I really enjoy your newsy letters. We are on the west coast out in the boonies. So I try to imagine what your life is like in the Big City all the way across this continent. Always anxious to hear what you been doing next. Had a good chuckle on the Kong in office one. Thank you again for sharing with us.
    Best wishes and regards.. Tom sr..

  30. Hi Bob, you really made me cry. My father passed away in 1990 but he is always with me in my heart. He used to tell my mum that no matter how stupid or ugly our children are, they are still ours. He encouraged me indirectly, stand up if you want to. Inner beauty can last and come naturally why bother about how people who tried to mould you. This world is cruel but still we can find some good friends around.

  31. Hi Bob
    this news letter has brought my family more closer.It is enjoyable to send such lovely cards.
    tks a tone.

  32. I enjoy reading your newsletters, your writing is enjoyable and you sound like such a wonderful young man (showing my age by that comment). However, I wonder about the personal stuff you say about your friends – don’t they read your newsletter?

  33. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the touching stories about your friends and your Dad and Mom. I am sure things will turn better for you soon.

  34. Many Thanks for your news letters, enjoy reading them plus i nearly missed out on UKs Fathers Day, if it hadn’t have been for you reminding me with your news letter i would have totally missed out on sending my lovely Dad his Fathers Day Ecard, your a sweetheart.

  35. Bob! Helloooo! Why waste your time with all these other ladies, when Megan is right in front of you? Our problem is that we get all hyped up about romance, our ideas based from what Hollywood feeds us. It doesn’t matter that you don’t love her “like that.” Who cares? Love, real love, is not a feeling; it is a commentment. Infatuation is a feeling, and it NEVER lasts… it will always have ups and downs (don’t believe me? Look at the divorice rate!) You don’t FEEL love; you CHOOSE to love. You DECIDE to say “this is my best friend, I can’t live without this person in my life.” Boy, a friendship such as yours and Megan’s is what “happily ever after” is made of, and you sit there watching her go out with Leo????

  36. Hi Bob,

    Regarding `love life` I think its wise never to force an individual against their wish.
    Love isn`t about forcing somebody into acceptance.
    Love is something which is mutual.

    About friends, no matter how big or small we are, sooner or later we will need the help of another and those helping are friends.

    Keep the newsletters coming.


  37. Hi Bob,

    Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work. Really I enjoyed reading your write up. It inspired me, and as well,it makes me feel different in so many areas of life.

    God bless you.


  38. Dear Bob, For some stupid reason I spammed you a while back. (DUH !!) We really missed you. I had to get my brother in GA to get me back to you. My husband and I are both disabled and live thruogh your escapades. We look forward to your newletters. What a joy !!! I hope things are straightened out now. Loads of hugs. God bless you. Fran & Vinnie :o)

  39. Hi Bob,

    I’ve been reading your newsletter for a certain period and I love them. But why I can’t receive any since Jun. 14, 07? Please continue to send me those lovely newletters. Thanks & good luck!

  40. DearBob,

    I always enjoyed reading your newsletter, they are very interesting. I love it. I received it late twice,I missed it, very upset and lost hope to get it. I can’t express my joy when I got it again. Nowadays, whenever I read your newsletter I feel like I’m reading my best friend letter and all the events written in the newsletter are real. The greetings cards are wonderful.
    Please continue to send me newsletter. Thank you.

    With best wishes.


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