Romancing the Summer from Editor Bob

How’s it going?

Aren’t you glad that Summer is approaching? I’m glad the seasons are changing though, I’m not really fond of monotony. But hanging out with my niece Rachael makes all the difference…

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  Welcoming the Summer [Jun 20 – Sep 21]

After graduating from fifth grade, Rachael wanted to do something special on Father’s Day for my brother-in-law, David. You know how girls have this special connection with their dads. David is a big outdoors fan so Rachael thought it’d be a good idea to spend Father’s Day in the park. She wanted to celebrate Father’s Day having a BBQ in Prospect Park. She convinced me to go along with her family. She didn’t have to persuade me much, after all, it was a welcome change from the monotony of my house and the now familiar pangs of pain from being dumped AGAIN.

At the BBQ, people were enjoying themselves. They were all happy with the spirit of the coming summer. Someone commented about Summer Solstice being very close and experiencing heat waves because of global warming. These geographical terminologies have always given me the shivers. So I told that to Rachael. Smart as she is, she immediately took up the task of explaining to me what it is and why it is so. She told me how the Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, et cetera.

While she was explaining it all to me, she sounded totally different! She became a teacher, despite the fact that she just graduated fifth grade. A couple of people who overheard her smiled. I got a little unnerved by it all! I mean, I know the basics, but it’s the details that I am not so sure about! And there she was, starting her explanation with what the solar system was and continued on with why heat waves happen, etc. etc. I think I’m going to be hanging out more with her over the summer. I mean, she has time on her hands and she’s full of surprises.

Flying Saucer Day [Jun 24]

Steve called me the other day to tell me that he had something important to show me. He wouldn’t tell me over the phone because it “would change the world as we knew it”. He didn’t want me to walk over to his cube; we had to meet in a public place. Weird, but then, that’s Steve. He instructed me to meet him in Central Park and to make sure I wasn’t followed. When I arrived, he looked nervous and excited at the same time.

“I need to show you something, but you have to promise me that you won’t breathe a word about it until I am ready to go public,” whispered Steve. Puzzled, I shook my head, yes. He continued, “For years, I have been convinced that there is intelligent life in the universe…” he told me that he went camping in upstate New York over the long Memorial Day weekend as part of a SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) project he’d been running for years. He took all his radio and telescope equipment with him, along with some beer to keep him company. He also took a camera with him, and he saw a flying saucer. He said that he had proof with him and I’m the first person that he’s showing the “earth-shattering” proof.

I really didn’t want to disappoint him. I held my ground and tried not to laugh or smile. He showed me a picture of lights in the sky–there were about three lights in the dark night sky. Steve told me that he was in an area that airplanes don’t usually fly. But it looked to me like an airplane light, so I told him, “Steve, it looks like airplane lights. I mean, you might not be in an area where commercial airlines fly but what about private planes?” I had to be brutally honest with him–I mean he’s thinking of going to the press in a big way with the bigwigs like CNN, ABC, FOX, and all the networks. I didn’t want him to be humiliated later on. Steve tried to convince me but I didn’t budge. I told him, “Look, Steve, isn’t there someone else who understands these things who can take a look at this stuff?” I had to find a solution fast. “Ya, there’s a couple of my friends, and some friends of friends who are experts that I can contact,” replied Steve.

“Ok, then, why don’t you have them verify the information you have… maybe they’d give you better leverage when you go to the media,” I told him. That was the last reason and logic that I could muster. Steve’s eyes brightened up like a scientist discovered a new strand of genes. “YES. Bob you’re brilliant!” He had a big smile on his face. “That way, I can prove that flying saucers ARE real. And I discovered them.” He hopped up from the park bench as he was saying, “Sorry buddy, I have to run now, thanks for coming out here,” and just like his mysterious flying saucers, he disappeared from the park. Ahh, where would my life be without a bit of adventure, eh?

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  I’m Celebrating My Birthday!

Being in the park reminded me of my last birthday. Last year, my birthday was really fun. The girl I had been seeing at the time (some of you must remember Aaliyah?) took me to a concert in the park, where she spread a blanket and proceeded to feed me some of my favorite things to nosh when outside on a beautiful summer evening. It was just the two of us in the middle of a park full of people, but it was like we were the only people in the world. What a great evening. She smelled wonderful, the music was great, the weather was perfect…

I guess a year can change a lot of things. This year, I’m single again and the latest object of my affections just dumped me. (I thought only men dumped their girlfriends just before their birthdays–could there be a reunion in a couple of weeks? I can only hope.) Rick’s coming in from Jersey and we’re all going to this place called the L’Orange Blueue or “The Blue Orange”. It’s a French Moroccan bar that’s supposed to be “THE place to be” according to Irina. Kate is bringing Jeffrey, Megan is bringing Leo, Rick is coming with Kaitlin… oh ya, did you read my blog post? They reconciled. I hope Steve can make it, too. That way, I won’t be the only guy there without a date. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes, just keep an eye on my blog!

Dr. Strange Love

I met up with Irina a few days back. She had been very depressed about the primaries not going her candidate’s way. Fred commiserated with her for a while, and invited her to come with him to a rally for Obama on the Upper West Side. After all, Clinton IS supporting Obama. Apparently things went really well. Irina met some young upstart political hottie that people are saying is “the one to watch” in local politics. They hit it off and now they’re dating. When I saw her, I was shocked. Her hair was all one color–sort of a honey gold color, without red streaks or any of the funny glitter stuff she sometimes wears. She was wearing a conservative blue suit, pearl necklace and earrings, and get this–SENSIBLE SHOES! She looked like a hot version of Barbara Bush.

“Where are your Manola Blahniks, Irina? What did you do to your hair? Why are you wearing that?” I asked her. She replied that now that she’s dating a politician, she can’t be seen wearing trendy clothes. I asked her if a politician’s arm candy had to dress the part. “If you want to marry them, you do,” she replied. “You know the press digs up everything about your past and present when you’re running a campaign. And image is important.” Marry? Image? Ok, I think I’ve lost my old Irina. Maybe it’s the weather but she’s completely changed. And I think she’s really, really in love! Even if she’s not in love, she changed herself completely. Love does strange things to us, doesn’t it?

What about you guys? Do you change for someone you love or do you remain the same? Holla back on my blog and send me your comments! My birthday is coming up so this week’s Zen quote is going to be my favorite quote on birthdays, Lucille Ball said, “The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” I think the secret to staying young is always have a good sense of humor and face life’s difficulties with vigor and vitality.

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Stay cool,

Editor, 123Greetings

34 thoughts on “Romancing the Summer from Editor Bob

  1. Happy Birthday Bob, glad to hear Kong is better. Just wanted to tell you keep your chin up you are young and you can’t force destiny, the right person will come along when the time is right. I enjoy your zen quotes, you should listen to yourself.  I have just gone thru a difficult time my self, my nephew was murdered about 2 weeks ago, I mean this was a kid I had practically raised he was only 26, but you have to wake up every day and make the most of it and enjoy the things you can control and realize that things will be different tomorrow and will get better. Take Care Sarah

  2. Bob, I think your site is very interesting, you have to watch out for those young kids, they may know more than we do. I’m sorry about your relationship going away, but I think there is still someone out there for you. Maybe you will get lucky like I did my wife and I have been married for 33 years, so I know there is still hope for you.
    Your Freind, Ron Oliver

  3. I loved the ‘Romancing the Summer’ newsletter. This was the first one I received since finding your website last week. I do have one comment though on the Irina situation. I would like to start off by saying I am very happy for her to consider the ‘other side’ but I dont think she should of changed her apperance. If the politician liked her when he met her, why the transition? Just a thought. Anyway, looking forward to the next newsletter, Bob.

    Thanks! 🙂

  4. I think your site is one cool site.You have such various cards and funny ones.I appreciate all your special days and your love cards.
    Keep up the wonderful work and I hope that you stay on the web for a very long time.

    Thanks for the work you do.

  5. Hey Bob!!!
    Thank you for the recent summer ecards and news letter. Always fun for me to read what is happening in the big city. Lots different lifestyle than ours,out here on the west coast and out in the boonies. We love the outdoors too,except it rains a lot and is overcast too many days. Hope you survive single life and find a new really great person to share your time with. Thanks again and best wishes..Tom sr..

  6. I love your newslwtter. It is cute & I love all the tidbits about yourself that you include. Have a Happy Birthday.

  7. Hi you there,
    Thank you, tou can bring smile where there is no… and fun and flowers in our lifes ; it’s a way to , to take time te remember , so, I say thank you once again.
    Bobby Living , on Madeira Island

  8. hey name sake,many thanks for your lovely newsletter,this my very first time to receive this,and guess what!Bob i trully loves it,am deeply sorry about your relationship but,my advise to you,,,do not live in the past,the future is so bright for you,,,,look forward,,,,

  9. Hello Bob,

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your Newsletters. I’m from the UK, and I really love the fascinating insights you give into life in the USA, and the glimpses of your own life (Happy Birthday, by the way!).

  10. Hi Bob! Happy Birthday to you! Yeah sometimes crazy things come before our birthdays..but that’s the way it is. Just keep on hoping for the best things.

    This is my first time to receive blogs from you and I just feel grateful. You add a new color to my internet life.

    I hope one day i could share some blogs here too.

    Happy birthday and just enjoy!

  11. Just wanted to say That I admire you for sharing your feelings and experiences about your life. So many people keep their thoughts and feelings hidden and come out expresing them in anger. Keep smiling and you will be finding the right soul mate this time Good luck Sicerely Es

  12. Hi Bob, to be wiser & enjoy life after each birthday passed by. Happy Birthday & GOD BLESS ALWAYS!


    There is someone very special out there just for you !

    DO U believe in GOD, Bob? Go talk 2 him…
    He answers prayers…..Sometimes he takes his time…..checking our patience..!!

    God Bless.

  14. Happy birthday! Don’t stay sad Bob. I mean there’s always someone out there. unless you decide to go and become a Catholic priest… The summer’s started over there. I mean here it’s raining and depressing. Enjoy the summer while it lasts. I’m single but you do get over it. I think of it this way, if someone hot walks past i have a chance but none of my friends do cause they dating;-). unless that someone’s dating to then i’m screwed. hehe be happy

  15. Bob, since many years I am really enjoying your letters and your entire site. All my friends are now aware of this.Thank you and best wishes
    PS. please take note: in Italy – I live in Roma – we celebrate San Roberto (Bob). in two different dates San Roberto Bellarmino sept 17th or San Roberto Molesmes on april 17th.

  16. happy belated birthday, bob. my son & my brother’s birthday are june 26th, so they can’t forget when the other’s birthday is. just love your newsletters

  17. Just read the newsletter about summer. It was great! I got one for the first time last week and really enjoyed that one too! Good advice to your friend about the handled that one like a pro! And just so you know I have a fifth grade son who jst graduated and I think he is a genius! He watches the show about being smarter than a fifth grader and gets all the questions right!! Then he looks and me when I answer them wrong and laughs! We got to watch them!

    Happy Birthday and I can’t wait for the next newsletter.

  18. Happy Birthday Bob!

    i do so enjoy reading your letters/blog posts. don’t be sad on your birthday – that’s a crime. there’s always renewal in hope. i too am without a loved one this year – recent divorce. you know, one day you start working too much and before you know it it’s 15 yrs later and your spouse is telling you you are clueless about anything but your job. it’s a sad state of affairs – but that’s why i like hope. there is great renewal in hope.
    so, my hope for you is that this year you find someone new with staying power. i hope i do too (i’d actually like the former – i didn’t fall out of love)
    take care

  19. Happy Belated Birthday Editor Bob!

    Thank you for all the newsletters that have been forwarded to me. I appreciate and like reading them.
    Enjoy your Summer.


  20. hey bob,

    i like your ecard too. i’m very glad to see so many readers out there care for you.

    btw: your email must be blocked therefore i can’t share my thoughts anymore.

    well. take care bob, you’re funny and really know how to make people laugh and cry at the same time.

    i hope this time i’m able to send last wish to you.

    thank again for everything, a mean all funny jokes and inspirational newsletters you have shared with this reader.

    god bless

  21. hey bob,

    i like your ecards too. i’m very glad to see so many readers out there truly care for you.

    btw: your email must have been* blocked therefore i’m having problem sending my feedbacks.

    well. take care bob, you’re funny and really know how to make people laugh and cry at the same time.

    i hope this time i would be able to send last wish to you.

    thank again for everything, a mean thank ykou for all your funny jokes and inspirational newsletters you have shared.

    god bless



  24. Love your newsletter, look forward to reading it, shows excellent attitude toward life, confidence. Always makes me feel better reading your thoughts and cards. Keep up the great work

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