Happy Fourth of July from Editor Bob

Hello there,

What are your plans for the Fourth of July? I’m going to be off to the Cape as soon as I finish writing this to you guys!

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  Fourth of July [Jul 4]

I’m really excited for my trip to the Cape. Donna’s folks have a place out there right by the water. Ah, I can’t wait to walk on the white sandy beaches, smell the salt-water air and go swimming. I love the beach! I’m also bringing my surfboard to ride the waves. I love the fact that the Cape is sooo not crowded when it comes to surfing. I’m so grateful to Donna for inviting me there.

Ethan and Emily would be coming too. They make an awesome twosome! You know, like Siamese twins, they are always together in fun and what’s more striking is that they never point fingers at one another. They never leak out their little secrets. They are a delight to watch when they decide to have some fun! It’s like having a stampede! I am really looking forward to seeing them around and hanging out with them.

That reminds me, Irina might be there too with her new beau. Now there’s something that is giving me a spot of bother. It will be the Fourth of July and that new guy has definite political leanings and so he’s going to have strong political views as well. Now Donna is not known as a woman who will take his views lying down if they are against her ideas. She would not spare a debate with him even if he is an invited guest. So I am apprehensive: hope this little fun get-together doesn’t turn around to be a huge political brouhaha.

To add to the fun, Donna’s planning for a great Fourth of July BBQ on the beach. It’s really going to be fun, fun and fun! After all, having a cold one in your hand, on the beach, while you feast on fried clams, lobsters, and corn on the cob is my idea of celebrating July Fourth the best way. Let’s hope it stays that way!

Chocolate Day [Jul 7]

If you know Megan, it goes without saying that you know her catastrophic attempts in the kitchen. I have been at the receiving end of many culinary delicacies that she managed to turn into culinary disasters. The latest was her foiled attempt to pull off a chocolate cake. It was a sort of rehearsal that she wanted to carry out before she could rustle up a proper chocolate cake on Chocolate Day.

Who else will pick to taste her brave effort, but me! She landed up at my place one fine morning with a big brown paper bag. I wasn’t really sure of what I was seeing because I was still groggy. She was thrilled about how she had been at it since the wee hours of the morning so that I get to have it for breakfast. God bless her effort and save me from that effort! There was also a spoon that came in the bag (she had prepared for everything so I didn’t have any excuse to give the slip!) then out came the chocolate cake. Now, I realized the cake looked a shade darker than the normal ‘Chocolate’ color. I assumed it was just a dark chocolate cake.

May be it was my droopy eyes, I consoled myself. I was not that alert and was blank in the head. She carved out a largish piece and I opened my mouth, more out of boredom and lethargy than interest. Boy! The jolt it gave me! I wouldn’t feel sleepy for the next light year! It was the most bitter thing I’ve tasted! I was right about the shade of the cake–it got burnt and the chocolate quotient was way over the top. I sat up straight and dashed for the water-bottle. Let’s cut the scene here!

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  Midweek Crisis

Most of you already know that my motor-head friend, Rick has been trying to quit smoking for over a month now. He stopped smoking entirely and went on the patch. After the nicotine overdose incident, he really stopped smoking. Every now and then, he gets these bouts when he wants to really really smoke. Call it ‘nicotine urges’ if you will.

Last week, he was having one of these nicotine fits. Nothing was going his way, he couldn’t fix the car that he was supposed to be fixing because the parts had to be ordered specifically. He couldn’t smoke while he took a break to think what else to do with the car. He ran out of stuff to eat and drink at home, and he had to pick up Kaitlin in an hour, but he forgot. He was experiencing one of those days when nothing seems to be going his way. I’ve been there; I’m sure you’ve been there, too. But I read somewhere that when you don’t face obstacles on your way, you are actually heading nowhere. Rick picked up the resolve not to smoke and he stuck to his word, overcoming problems which he generally tackled with a cigarette dangling between his lips.

After about two hours Kaitlin showed up and found the state he was in. She consoled him and congratulated him on the fact that he had not smoked at all. Kaitlin canceled her plans of going out. They went out together to get groceries for his place, he even let her drive the car! They cooked dinner together and had a romantic evening. Anyway, the point is, his perseverance paid off. The parts came the next day and he got the car fixed. Yes, he is still sticking to his ‘no puff’ motto and doing well. Kudos to him for his grit and will-power!

Good Morning

Fred just showed up all of a sudden the other morning to announce that he finally convinced Irina to go to Denver for the Democratic National Convention. He was really happy and enthusiastic about the trip. He told a few things that really inspired me with a very good feeling in the morning: it’s like those times when you feel inspired and charged up to do something positive. He spoke at length how he was very proud of Irina, despite their different political views. He said that what he liked was that a young citizen feels interested in what’s going on in the country, she’s willing to take a stand on issues even though they may not affect her directly. She says that it is definitely hurting the people at large and the future of America; she’s willing to stand up for change.

He talked about his keen desire to make the young people interested in the future of the country. That would be the actual revolution: the awakening of the mind. I guess Irina really inspired him somehow. He said that it should happen not just for the educated elite, but for the common citizen. I can’t disagree with him folks, he’s right ya know. People usually trash politicians at dinner-tables but are never willing to take up an initiative themselves. Apathy is the word that comes to my mind. I mean, we can’t be like that all the time. Isn’t mornings just fantastic? Great inspirations come to you but it’s hard to hold them and keep the enthusiasm going throughout the day.

That reminds me of a great Zen quote by John F. Kennedy, he said, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” Enjoy your July Fourth people!

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Peace and love,

Editor, 123Greetings

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28 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July from Editor Bob

  1. I really enjoy your free cards and your web letter, seems like your having great 4th,,keep the cards coming..

  2. The reading was quite fantastic. And I liked it. Thank you for these interesting greetings.
    Peace and Love.

  3. Hi Bob, I hope your trip to the cape is wonderful and most of all have a safe trip. We are going to stay home and watch the fireworks from the apartment window, not to exciting, with gas prices and all, and me being a full time student, and my husband Jim is disabled. from the war in viet nam. any way . hope things go great for you. take care, hope to hear all about it when you get back. take care, Sheryll ,, Saint Cloud, Minnesota…

  4. 7/3/08 I like your articles in general. It make me feel I’m talking to a real person who knows his thing and like to share and care about things said. I especially like the part about the beach. I’m from the bering sea and we have beach around the island where ever you go it is there. I like to walk the beach, smell the seaweed, birds, cliffs, seals, ocean and nature all around. But do to gas crises I will not be going home on my vacation for the 4th of July this year. We plan for next year and hope that economy will improve by then – for the all of us. Thank you


  6. I have to comment on your surfing at the Cape. Have you ever been there before? Cause I live in Massachusetts, spent a lot of time on the Cape and other than in a hurricane, I cannot imagine being able to surf. Sometimes on the NORTH shore you can, if you wear a body suit cause it is so cold–but even there the surfing is pretty weak. But hey, whatever rows your boat, Have a ball.

  7. i really love reading your message. you make the reader feel that he/she is actually there with you as you write it with so much enthusiasm . i love the cards, and you always never fail to remind special occassions. thanks. you are a wonderful person.keep up the good work.
    with sincere thoughts and well wishes from the Philippines.

  8. it is very good and more informative. i really enjoy this news letter.
    thank u very much

  9. Hi, have a nice holiday. Well, your newsletter is interesting and great. Glad that I have sign up.

  10. hello bob,first thing’s first,,,happy happy 4th,,thanks loads for your letters,i do love them,let me go back to them and do the real reading’ and wish you a safe trip to the cape,,but again before you even think of may be triping down to Goa!why not the home of worlds 8th wonder?the maasai mara,,kenya,,we love you pal,,nice time,,

  11. Enjoy the newsletters very much. Is there such a holiday as “receive IRS refund, next day the washing machine dies”?

    Keep up the entertaining stories!

  12. enjoy the cape.let us know ur experience.keep writing.its good to be friend of bob.
    yagna narayana k

  13. Hallo Bob,
    Thank you for your newsletter – it is too cute that you have these different days in the States and of course cards that you can send to friends and family.
    My daughter is very fond of choclate cake, pity the cards are only for birthdays but i sent her a choclate card instead. Thank you for all the cards – i really like to send cards on a regular basis.

    Hester Louw
    South Africa

  14. Good morning Bob,
    I am a high school teacher in New Jersey and the school year is very busy and sometimes stressful. I try very hard to help people in my school. (One of my firends told me recently that I can’t help everybody!) Your letters are such a bright spot in my life. I so enjoy reading your messages. Thank you so much for sharing your life! (Consider yourself hugged!)

  15. Hi bob,

    I am from China!
    I enjoy your fantastic E-letter,it’s peace and warmful.
    hope you come to my country ,enjoy the Olympics with us!
    You are always welcome!!

    KAKA From China

  16. Bonjour Robert,

    Since I am somewhat of an insomniac, your letters are helpful on some of my sleepless nights! (not that they are boring, by ANY means-I love reading them b/c they are from life experiences, and very comical!)

    I am a French/Spanish high school teacher in Rochester, NY, off for the summer. I spend my days hard core training for a triathlon coming up in August, and my nights rehearsing for a very funny play I’m in, entitled “The Philadelphia Story.” I play the role of the French maid, “May,” who speaks with a VERY thick French accent! I am also the French pronunciation coach, since some of the lines are actually in French. It is a VERY funny play, I have to say! Opening night is next Friday, so we have rehearsal every night this week AND next!

    I live in an apartment with my 2 kitties, Minou and Minette (French for male “kitty” and female “kitty”), but I’d rather be living with my boyfriend, Troy, whom I’ve been dating for almost 2 years now. He claims he’s “not ready” to have me move into his house yet and the he “needs his space,” even though we are both VERY much in love. We are both 38, never been married, with NO kids, which is VERY rare indeed! I want to get married and start a family, but he is just not ready. He’ll talk about how he wants FOUR kids, but I told him I’m an old-fashioned girl and he is NOT getting one without the other! (I teach in a private, Catholic school, after all!)When I’m home with my kitties, I’m missing HIM, and when I’m over here with Troy, I’m missing my babies! He loves my cats and says they are NOT the reason, b/c I already asked…his mother wants me to be her daughter-in-law in the WORST way, but I told her NOT to push, b/c if he proposes or even asks me to move in, I want it to come straight from HIS heart! HELP! I don’t know what to do…I’ve finally found the man of my dreams and want to move forward, but CAN’T! I’m so frustrated!Any advice??

    La paix (peace),
    Jen 🙂

  17. hello bob, I love to read but now I started to read what you write, and I get a laugh or two,
    love it thanks mary

  18. Hey bob, i am very bad in reading but still i never leave any of your mails. now i have started reading much

    thanks to you bob and its good to be your friend.

  19. hi bob i am from ethiopia i am student and worker thank you for your newsletter and i would like your newseleter.

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