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Hi friends,

Life changes rapidly and so does people who are concerned with the changes. Just the other day I had a friend who was the light-headed of them all. And then she fell in love and now fancies herself as an activist! You don’t believe me? Read on…

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  The Portrait Of A Woman As An Activist [Mar 8]

Very recently I had seen Rick go through the motions with Jeffrey in his attempt to be a romantic lover. And now there’s someone else who’s doing some wonderful changes to herself to keep up with her proactive boyfriend Alex. Yes, Irina! The self-proclaimed ‘monkey-brained’ has finally found a calling that is worth her time and effort, or so she’s claiming to anyone who has ears to listen to her. She’s decided to arm herself with the latest events happening around her and help Alex in his work of campaign organizing.

She’s also decided to get active on the social front. Alex told her that the socialite women she knew from her modeling days can actually be great sources to mobilize support. Irina pulled up her act together and contacted these women again. She’s hoping to organize a sort of a get-together on International Women’s Day. She’s also contacted Megan, Kate and even Berka. Though Berka is game for it, Megan and Kate, who know Irina well, are not so sure she’ll turn up for the event herself!

As for me, I am not in any of these categories. Neither can I share the faith Berka seems to have in Irina, nor can I dismiss her active involvement. I mean with the amount of interest she’s showing, she can very well rise above the flippant soul that she’s known to have. I just hope that she’s successful. An unsuccessful Irina is not a good person to have around you and we all know that by now! She can really raise a tempest in a teacup and spiral things out of control. Alex is guiding her and till now, she’s been an eager learner. The trouble may crop up when she knows a little and starts implementing her own ideas! I hope Alex can deal with it. I think such a friend exists in every friend circle. Do you know someone like Irina? What are you doing this International Women’s Day?

Much Ado About Chocolate Cheesecake [Mar 6]

Learn from your mistakes is a very old saying. But there’s someone who’s learned from his friend’s mistake! Adrian and Cathy wants to celebrate Chocolate Cheesecake Day by making a chocolate cheesecake themselves. Fair enough. Adrian took the shopping on himself and set out for the store with Cathy’s list. He got late and came back to our pad with all the stuff he bought. When I asked him about all the brown parcels, he told me of their plans. And then came the surprise.

“But Bob,” he continued, “we’ll be careful not to repeat what Seth and Megan did! That would be a real spoiler, don’t you think?” I was stunned beyond words. My first instinct was to laugh, but I couldn’t because that got quickly replaced by admiration for Adrian’s cautiousness which in turn gave way to a sympathy for Megan. (You didn’t miss that episode, did you? Check it out here.) Megan had carefully planned to get things in order, it’s just that her luck with cakes isn’t so favorable!

Seeing my face change expression every passing second, he quickly clarified that he was just being careful about a potential threat and nothing else. I trust my friend on that! I gave him the thumbs-up and he whistled on the way to his room. Yes, the packs stayed where he put them down! Love can change a person, but can love change his habits? That’s a tough call! Oh, he’s looking for chocolate cheesecake recipes. Would you like to help him with a few suggestions?

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  When Dreams Come True [Mar 11]

While they make their chocolate cheesecake, someone is getting ready to make a career out of making food! Yes friends, Megan’s finally got a job as a sous chef. After dreaming about this for months and training really hard for it, she’s been selected. She’s thrilled to have landed her dream job, that too when the recession is on. All of us are really excited about her getting a job. She called up everyone she could think of and let them know and thanked them for the support they offered her in testing times.

You have to give it to Megan. She’s really incredible when it comes to make people feel special. Though the call came in at a time when I was at work, I welcome such nice calls everyday of my life. Her voice was exactly what it has to be for a woman who has just realized her dreams. She sounded confident and more than anything else, ecstatic. She’s going to be starting off soon and rambled out a list of things she needs to tick off before she began her dream job. She also told me that Seth called her up to congratulate her.

Megan’s success in pursuing her dreams reinstated my faith in the vision of dreams. I had become quietly cynical about dreams coming true and fairy tales happening in real life. I started thinking that these are all loopholes we keep for ourselves to escape through when reality gets too harsh or when the going gets too tough. I had seen too many dreams falling flat despite the years of nurture that was dedicated to them. It was heartening to say the least that dreams still happen and we can still dare to dream and make that possible. Do you have a dream in life? Why don’t you share it with us?

What Pets Can Do

Pet therapy is a term that I always believed in and stand by. I can vouch that pets can be wonderful as stress busters and they can really get your mood on the upswing. I can say that for myself as well. Kong has been a great stress buster for me over the days. He’s also great company to have around you. Whenever I feel low because of my work pressure or my personal life going around in circles without any definite end in sight, I surrender to Kong! He understands my mood and acts like the all-knowing Wise One!

Kong is wonderful with kids too. He’s great friends with Rachael, Ethan and Emily. He lets them play with him and even if they want him to run around, he obliges. He’s very protective of Rachael’s little pup Max. Adrian adores Kong and that’s not only because he got him Cathy! It’s also because Kong is like a family member we come home to. He waits for me to feed him, he wakes me up sometimes by tugging at my comforter. It’s a delight having him around.

I wrote a post on my blog on this as well. If you feel the blues, a pet can be your answer to drive them away. I’d suggest to all those of you out there who lead lonely lives, get a pet only if you really want to. A pet comes with responsibilities which will occupy your time and lots of love which will occupy your heart. Write to me what are your inputs about the advantages of having a pet. You can also share with me on the Facebook Group or the Fan Page.

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  Flowers Say It For You

Remember Adrian getting Forget-Me-Not flowers for Cathy? That was something hilarious! But, the flowers did the trick and I see more lovers picking up flowers to speak for themselves. I have always told you and I say it again, flowers have an appeal that is matchless and the sooner you wake up to smell the flowers, the better. Frank made real progress when he turned to flowers and now Adrian is following up on his success with the flowers.

Cathy loves them but she has a preference. She doesn’t like flowers which have a strong fragrance. She feels nausea. Adrian keeps this in mind when he’s getting flowers for her. And it’s always bright colors, not the pastel ones. You must have seen Van Gogh’s painting of the sunflowers. Cathy likes them that bright. Adrian tells me that she feels flowers should be bright enough to cheer you up and also the entire place around them. I couldn’t agree with you more, Cathy.

Personally I like to carry a bunch of roses when I go out on dates. I think a bunch of roses can never go wrong. It has a subdued classy appeal and the reaction to a bunch of roses can only be extreme in the positive way. Sometimes they are more warmly received than the person who’s carrying it! And I’m not exaggerating on this. I have been on dates when the person I was dating shrieked at the flowers with “Oh my God! How pretty!” and forgot to greet me as enthusiastically, if not more! What flowers do you carry on your date? Let’s exchange notes on the Group or the Fan Page.

The high point this week is definitely Megan’s dream coming true. So let’s have this quote by Napoleon Hill: “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Here’s hoping that all your dreams come true too!


Editor, 123Greetings

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