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Winter is drawing to a close and I can feel the warmth of Spring. There’s a good feel in the air, but you get to feel it only if you lift your head high up. On the level, there are simmering problems and testing times. And it’s crept up in our lives as well. Read on…

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  An Anniversary To Remember

Some moments come to us at times when we do not know whether to celebrate them, or let them pass by. You may have had a fabulous birthday last year but this year, when you expect a repeat of that day, things fall flat and you are left wondering what hit you. I sometimes cannot help but wonder how moments are only precious when they are in the right and appropriate context. A glaring example would be the anniversary of Rick and Kaitlin.

Yes, the anniversary is this week and the two were really looking forward to it since months, more so after Kaitlin moved in with him. But the economic downturn has played a real spoilsport here. Rick is having less work lately, because there’s hardly anyone who’s getting their cars fixed by him. This is slowly becoming an issue at their household. Kaitlin is slowly cracking under the stress and though she’s not complaining, she’ll hardly whine about something, you can sense a mounting tension between the two.

Kaitlin confided to Megan that things were not all hunky dory. Rick tried to appease her with flowers, but that didn’t cut much ice. Megan wanted to have a word with Rick as well, but then decided against it. She thought that it was not right that she brought it up with him because it was very personal and also because she knew Rick was trying his best. It’s just that the times are not right and he’s helpless about it. I hate to say it but if things continued to be this way, Kaitlin might just pack her bags and move out.

Teaching Friends on Pi Day [Mar 14]

I have often thought about this, but without much headway. I know every individual is uniquely talented. But I’m amazed that these are carried forward in the genes in such an incredible way. Let me tell you a family fact. I was always horrible at science while my sister Liz was brilliant at it. I took lessons from her and tried to get better, but nothing worked and I had no idea what the law meant and what the exceptions were. I did fight hard and ultimately gave up.

Liz has passed on her knack for science to her daughter Rachael. Rachael has always been fantastic in her grades. She has that analytical mind that you need to study science. On the other hand, Ethan and Emily are not so tuned into science and math. They take it easy and do things at their own pace. But they decided to take help from Rachael. When Ethan called up Rachael, she was all too happy to help. You can always count on her to bail her friends out.

Last heard, she was really putting the two through a tough time. But that yielded results. They learned their stuff fast and were all praise for their new teacher. Steve asked them a couple of questions as well and yes, they got it right. Steve was impressed with them and Rachael. Ethan and Emily admitted that they got their conceptions cleared. I wonder if Rachael would be the first scientist in the family! Do you think so too?

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  My Plans For St. Paddy’s Day [Mar 17]

St. Patrick’s Day is not about the Irish anymore. And I like this trend a lot. It’s good to see these festivals losing their regional flavor to bring everyone in its folds. I had a great time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day when I was a child and now in New York, I like the idea of hopping bars on St. Paddy’s Day. My friends are with me in this. We have decided to paint the town green and red. For this one day we’ll forget about the economy and the layoffs and the other what-nots.

Adrian has a plan of his own. He’ll take Cathy out for a nice romantic getaway. They will be going downtown to spend a nice time with each other. He’s making a pot full of candies. The pot will have a love letter that Cathy can find only when she takes out the candies one by one. Apparently he got this idea from a movie and loved it. He thinks it’s very cool and romantic, but I’m not so sure. Megan asked him to join us and bring Cathy along but he excused himself!

We’ll be meeting Rick and Kaitlin too. I hope the cold vibes have melted, and we are expecting to find our old friends back again. What’s a bar-hopping party without Rick going on the rampage and doing some incredibly funny stuff! It’ll be a nice getaway for him from all the problems he’s laden with lately. What’s a drinking party without Martina! When I suggested the idea, she was hesitant because she passed out at my flat the last time, and she didn’t want to embarrass me further. I assured her she will be in great company and she has nothing to worry about. Megan has a surprise in store for us, she said she’ll bring someone along. Who could it be? She was all round-eyed about it. I’m not so sure I want this to happen. Who could it be?

Morning Shows The Day

I have always wondered how Fred continues to have the same levels of optimism. The Recession could not draw upon his vast reservoirs of optimism. He called me early morning to check if things are okay at my end. Things have really spiraled on their way down. I’m not feeling very positive about anything, neither on the personal level, nor on the general. Business houses closing down, gas pumps dry, car parks deserted. I was wondering where we are headed. Fred’s call tore through my thoughts.

He had a great news to give me. Remember he and his friends were getting together to do something for war veterans and the widows and families of war victims? They have been able to get fundings and now it’s only a matter of time before the project sees the light of day. Fred has a plan outlined and he knows exactly what to do with the money. Trust this man to take every detail into account and every exigency taken care of. He proceeds with precision and speed. I so wish he could meet the correct contacts at the right moment and his project takes off.

I was delighted to get this news early morning. It definitely lit up my day despite the work schedules. A good news, especially something that’s about a noble cause, has all the ingredients to make a great day. I was inspired and it really helped me soar through a day which would have otherwise made me grovel. The negative thoughts that were wriggling in the recess of my mind died a premature death and my chin was up for the grind.

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  Taking Up A Cause

The self-confessed scatter-brain is not so scattered anymore. Yes, I’m talking about model-turned-activist Irina! That’s how she likes to call herself nowadays. She’s into an NGO, who are spreading awareness to raise their voice against violence to women and children. I think that’s really commendable for someone who’s always away from the arena and enjoyed the benefits of a fence-sitter.

The other day she suddenly spoke out: “It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.” We were like “What?” She gave us a puzzled look. She refused to admit to herself that this high octane quote didn’t really go down with us, because we are not used to a quote-a-minute Irina. I asked her what she meant by that and she started a volley of explanations. Irina has a reason and an excuse for everything. She can talk about the most inconceivable thing as if it just happened to her. If she was talking about the UFO instead of Steve, I can vouch that more people would have showed interest. She can convince you, she really can.

She told us Alex, her present boyfriend and political campaigner initiated her into believing in the power of the mind. He asked her to change her outlook if she wanted to sort out the profound from the profane. And that is what inspired Irina to take things seriously and exploit her mind. Phew! I was not sure how I’d react to that because serious stuff though it was, it was coming from Irina and frankly speaking, there is a prejudice we all hold against our friends. If someone is the casual guy, it becomes tough to believe when he’s talking about spirituality. This is not about believing in your friend, it’s about being the ever-cynical modern man.

This week’s Zen quote had to be about the bad times we are going through and the hope that has to remain kindled in us: “A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.” This is for those unsung heroes like Fred who lead, but only show the way and not have the spotlight on themselves. Keep on!


Editor, 123Greetings

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