Love At Spring Time from Editor Bob

Hello there,

Spring is here — the season of bright colors, fresh air and all good things about nature. There’s a general good vibe in the air. Doesn’t it feel nice to get out of the house in the morning and take a deep breath? I do it every time I get out to go to work. Let’s take a deep breath and move on…

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  Love At Spring Time

Spring is the season of regeneration, and guess who’s making the most of this season of new beginnings — Steve! Yes friends, there’s a wonderful update on Steve and his mysterious equation with his mystery friend. Natalie, the single mom who has Steve bonkers for her, has suggested an idea that has got Steve sailing on the highest clouds. He walked in to my cubicle and announced with restrained jubilation: “She wants to go biking with me!” For a couple of seconds I couldn’t figure out who he was talking about. Then it registered.

As it is, Natalie lives in Brooklyn Heights. The apartment she lives in actually belongs to her ex-husband. He’s some big-shot business honcho. When they parted ways, he let her have this apartment as an alimony settlement. Now Natalie lives there with her mom and the twins, along with her dog. While they go biking, Natalie has requested her mother to take care of the twins. Her mom agreed and that has triggered this biking trip.

So far so good. They have decided to start from Prospect Park and bike down to the beach. Steve is expecting this to be the best time he had so far and I think he has every right to think so. Biking in Spring is a pleasure on its own, and to do that with someone who’s special to you makes it something to look forward to. Steve is getting some stuff ready. A geek on a biking trip with his special woman may be headline material to other geeks, but we are all very happy to see this romantic side of our geek friend. Aren’t you?

Laughing The Day Away [Mar 19]

Friends who laugh together, stay together. Kate and Irina have been fabulous friends since Irina trained Kate to make her more sociable. They bond really well, despite being very different people. While Irina is the outgoing, extrovert type, Kate is more mellowed and reserved. But they get along like a house on fire. Recently, they decided to have a girls’ day out. They also invited Megan to be part of the gang, but Megan had her job to attend. So she dropped off and they carried on.

Adrian told me that they had a great time together. They watched a movie, dined at a fancy place. And then they did something that only they could have thought of. They perched themselves on a street corner and tried out a game. They tried to tag each passerby with a name, something that was mean, funny and appropriate at the same time. They tried to outdo the other in coming up with innovative names. Sometimes they collaborated on some. It goes without saying that they had a blast

Their victims, the passersby, must have wondered why these two girls are laughing their heads off! They must have come off as drunk, may be even on a high. I wished we had the whole gang there. I would have really wanted to see these two naming people. There is an inherent fun in naming people. There are so many different combinations. Though I’m strictly against making fun of people because of their looks, sometimes you have this base instinct in you that may come of as mean and uncivilized, but is actually unadulterated fun. Otherwise, why would you still laugh at someone who topples over a banana skin?!

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  An Ill Mom [Mar 22]

Bad news. Eleanor’s daughter-in-law Lisa has to make an urgent trip to Wales in UK. Her mom is ill and she wants to be with her. Lisa has been very worried about her health over the last few days. Suddenly her health began to deteriorate and she had to be hospitalized. Lisa panicked and wanted to leave immediately. But the ever calm Eleanor came to her rescue and calmed her nerves. Lisa had professional attachments that she had to adhere to and she can’t just pack up her bags and leave. She advised Lisa to take a week to wrap things up.

Lisa did as she was told. She wrapped things up. Eleanor also asked Mike to accompany her along with Andrew. She wants Lisa’s mom to spend time with Andrew. Andrew has hardly got to spend time with his other grandmom. They will be leaving by the weekend. There’s a lovely family thing here friends. And at the center of this is Eleanor. She’s been incredibly strong in holding everyone together, despite her own life getting out of the comfort zone over the last couple of months.

Lisa’s mom wants Eleanor to visit her as well. She’s great friends with her and they talk on the phone more often than not. Eleanor has been telling her to keep her chin up. Frank is all praise for this aspect of Eleanor. He told me the other day, “Elene’s an anchor to everyone she knows, isn’t it Bob?” I nodded in approval. I told him how she’s been a great support to me during my days at New York. She’s been a great mom to Mike and she’s almost single-handedly catapulted him to where he belongs now. Ask Lisa and she’ll tell you that she’s been the world’s best mom-in-law. Really, there’s hardly anything she can’t do. Way to go Eleanor!

Get Well Soon

Another bad news. It’s spring and the perennial problem of hay fever is back. I read this quote by athlete Marlon Devonish: “I can’t run away from my hay fever.” The problem of hay fever has hit two of my favorite people: Ethan and Emily. Donna is going crazy with both her children down with illness. She’s taken a leave from office. We miss her at the office, especially me, because I depend on her in a lot of ways. When I see my cluttered desk, I remember her looks of disapproval each time she saw my desk this way.

But there’s also a great gesture here, something that makes me proud of the fact that I’m lucky enough to call these amazing people my friends. Megan came to know that Ethan and Emily are ill. She’s got a great rapport with these kids, and also Rachael. She went up to Donna’s place after work to the two sick children. They were delighted to have her around. They had a great time and played board games. Megan saw how Donna ran around the place, getting things in order. She took the decision instantly.

She applied for a couple of days leave so that she can help Donna cope with the extra work and help her settle down. Now wouldn’t you call that a great gesture on her part? I was so proud of her when I heard of it. Donna couldn’t have been more thankful and neither could the children be more happy. Megan proved again how blessed we all are to have her as our friend. The best part is that she would make it very easy for Donna. Never will she let Donna feel that she’s taken the day off to help her. I think that’s an amazing quality that she has. Don’t you agree?

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  An Unusual Workplace Romance

Cathy has a strange problem in her office. Strange is actually not the correct word here. Peculiar would be more like it, and she doesn’t know how to tackle it or solve it. Her colleague is smitten by her. That should not lead you to conclude that he’s coming in her way. Rather, far from it. He never comes across and talks about his love, neither does he drop hints. He just looks in his quiet way but this silent admiration is proving to be more effective in making an impression on Cathy. The fact that he does not express his love explicitly and maintains strict professional behavior amazes Cathy. She’s surprised that a man can be so silent despite appearing to be so hopelessly in love

This is not a typical workplace romance friends. I’m not sure of the complexities myself. This colleague of hers is making his moves very carefully. He knows Cathy is a no-nonsense woman and the moment he makes a wrong move, he’ll be snubbed. So he’s not making any move at all. He’s just letting her understand he likes her and is in no hurry to reach anywhere. He meets Cathy everyday due to professional commitments. Even here he’s playing a masterstroke. He’s not being extra nice to her, nor is he being nasty. He’s being normal. And that is something that he needs credit for. I can never see myself being composed if I loved a girl and she was around me!

Adrian is very upset about all this. He doesn’t know what to do. He somehow feels that Cathy’s colleague is a potential threat. He was sure of the fact that Cathy would deal with any inappropriate advances, but he did not take into account a dignified, restrained appeal to Cathy’s softer emotions. The colleague has now put Adrian at a loss. He asked me if I can suggest something. I heard him out, but I have nothing to say. This is indeed complicated. If Adrian did anything brash, it would be the best way to drive Cathy straight into this guy’s arms. And you cannot expect Adrian to keep quiet while Cathy is being royally wooed by her colleague. Help!

Let’s sign off on a positive note. Here’s a great quote by Robin Williams: “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'” Really, it couldn’t get better. Have a great time!

Keep smiling,

Editor, 123Greetings

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