Happy St. Nicholas Day from Editor Bob

Hello friends,

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Thank you for all the recipes that you sent me on my social network profile and the 123Greetings Official Fan club. Everyone at the potluck Thanksgiving dinner did everything. It seemed that all I did was dig in! We had a great time together as friends.

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  International Hug Day [Dec 4]

A reader once wrote to me that it’s easy to advise people to do this and that when you see them in trouble, but when it comes to people you really care and love, it’s very difficult to come up with the right words to say. No matter how much you can give out advice, sometimes words do fail you. I was faced with the same thankless predicament recently when Kate came to meet me with swollen eyes. Kate told me that she has broken up with Jeffrey right after their Thanksgiving dinner. I was shocked. I didn’t believe what I was hearing. It was as if she was talking and her words were not reaching to my brain at all. “Things were not really working out, Bob,” she told me between sniffs, “I went through so much to just fit in. I wanted to please him, I wanted to please his parents. Then at that dinner table with the whole family sitting there, I realized, I didn’t belong there. I realized that I’m not the woman who is supposed to be with Jeffrey. I had to make a decision,” Kate sobbed and said, “It was not a life that I was leading, I was dragging an existence.”

She told me that things were not fine between the two of them for a while now but they’ve been keeping up appearances. Their engagement was a way to save the relationship but things spiraled down from that point on. There were more issues between them and adjusting to their families’ vast differences took another toll on the already strained relationship. So Kate and Jeffrey decided to put an end to it, once and for all. She asked me if they were right. What am I to say in the face of all this? I hugged her tight and comforted her in some sounds that were meant to be words, but did not have any coherent meaning. Kate had put in a lot of effort to make this relationship work, but she could not salvage the sinking ship. They have brought about the end of their love in an amicable way. They want to still be friends with each other and phase out the relationship. I guess they wanted to be there for each other but a romantic relationship is just not working out for them.

St. Nicholas Day [Dec 6]

The other day, I was replying to my mails on Facebook (yes, I do that!) and checking all the friend requests. I have a friend on Facebook suggesting me that I meet Santa Claus. That was really funny, even Santa Claus is on Facebook! I was on that trail and that is when it struck me that St. Nicholas Day also has a legend of giving gifts and other stuff to children. Now, as you all know, I know three small people who take up a significant chunk of my leisure time with their constant pursuit of knowledge and new things. Yes, I’m talking about Rachael, Emily and Ethan. I decided to give them some Christmas candy on St. Nicholas Day and perhaps ask them what they’d like for Christmas.

Legend has it that on St. Nicholas Day people in Northern Europe put goodies in the socks of children. I decided to do that too. I took their parents into confidence and have everything ready. The stuff will be planted in their socks in due time and I’m sure they’d be delighted to find them. It’s not because they like candies and all, but because I know which candies they like and which brand of chocolate and what type of chocolate appeals to each one of them. I have bought stuff keeping things in mind. Still, they are children and they can change their tastes overnight, ya know. So I’m not altogether complacent. Fingers crossed, hope the surprise is pleasant enough to give them some moments of joy.

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  Winter Flowers Day [Dec 8]

Tulips are the flavor of all seasons. I don’t remember who I’m quoting, but anyway, the fact is true. I remember giving tulips on my dates a number of times and they never failed to impress the ladies. I didn’t tell this to Frank or something, but Frank got wind of the fact that Eleanor has a special liking for winter tulips. Oh, that reminds me, I forgot to give you the update on the Thanksgiving dinner that Frank had with Eleanor’s family. As it were, her son and her daughter-in-law were very cool about it and they supported her unanimously. Their point was that Eleanor had every right to be with a person she’s happy with, and if Frank is the one for her, so be it. Well, very mature of them, don’t you think so?

I think what made it easier for them is that Frank is such a gentleman and let me tell you folks, especially the young men out there, gentlemen never go out of fashion. His getting her some wonderful winter tulips only goes on to establish what a considerate and romantic person Frank is. I could have never believed it all if I did not see and feel the entire episode unfolding in front of my eyes. I mean, I have always known Frank, the butcher and wrongly concluded that he must be what we generally perceive butchers to be: flint-hearted and menacing. Imagine how that perceived notion goes for a toss when you see that person on the doorstep of an elderly lady, with winter tulips in hand courting her love. Life is full of surprises really and pleasant surprises are always welcome, right?


You guys must be getting anxious to scan through the newsletter to find out if I have written about Steve in this newsletter! Well, here is the update on the Steve-Natalie story. As you folks know, Steve was invited to Natalie’s place for the Thanksgiving dinner. Steve turned up sharp on time, as he usually does. Steve narrated the whole story to me the next day. As it were, Natalie was impressed that Steve was so strict about his time. She reportedly told him, “Ya know Steve, everyone has their own yardstick of judging people they meet. Some look at shoes, some at clothes. I look at the watch. If a person has value for his or her own time, he or she will have respect for others’ time as well. That is how I pick friends from acquaintances.”

Steve told me that he was glad that a quality of his that was largely unsung, has worked to his advantage and got him a friend. He’s become more punctual after that and giving us all a desperate run for our watches! I can’t even be “fashionably late” any more. Anyway, back to the budding friendship. The dinner was awesome and so was the conversation, and I quote Steve: “She is a charmer!” I agree to that, hands down. To get Steve interested in conversation is no mean feat, ask us. So all is well on this new friendship and hope things stay that way. It’s nice to know something new coming up amidst all the negativity.

To bring things to a warm close, I found a hug quote to share with you all this week. It’s a shame that this one comes from an anonymous source, but it’s very simple and stirring proverb: “A hug is a handshake from the heart.” Did you like it? Do you agree with it? Write to me and send in comments.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Editor, 123Greetings

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7 thoughts on “Happy St. Nicholas Day from Editor Bob

  1. To Editor Bob – A heartfelt Thank You for all the newsletters and for keeping me updated on everyone’s goings-on. We are practically worlds apart. After all, I live in Kansas. And you and your friends are in New York. But, underneath all the trappings, we are all human beings, with the same needs. I so love hearing what everyone is doing each week! I feel like part of your extended family. Here is my hug to you, across the miles. 🙂 Wishing A Very Merry Christmas season to you, and the best in the upcoming New Year! Trish

  2. B.
    My grandfather, Ivan, was from the Ukraine. He looked like St. Nicholas. Because of this, I think that Saint day is one of my favorites. Any holiday celebrating children is great.
    Hugs are wonderful,too. Especially from the heart. I have friends whom on occasion just come up to me and say, I need a hug. Which I do happily provide. Whether they’re feeling sad or whether they’re feeling happy, that hug feels good.
    So it’s big hugs coming to you and thanks for the newsletter.
    always looking forward to the next one.

  3. What a shame! Kate and Jeffrey are such a nice couple, and they have done so much for each other to make the relationship work!

  4. Hi editor Bob,

    My name is Bobbi too. I’m new to your site.
    Your stories seem very interesting.
    I just wish you and your loved ones will have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year! And best wishes always to you.

    Keep up the great job!

    your truly
    Bobbi! (hey, how do you attach a smiling face into this message like those readers have had…????….

  5. B.
    Kate and Jeff tried the best that they could. But one must be honest to one’s self. If one feels a fish owtah water in a social situation, then it is time to go. Though I have known relationships that displayed huge differences, yet because they are in love things mesh. They communicate and state how they feel towards each other, no matter how wonderful or painful. Each partner loves their mate so much that they respect one’s opinions yet they may differ with each other. Love is a strange thing, a blind thing and can not be made totally sense of. For this reason what they feel for each other can be made into what they feel towards all their brothers and sisters out in the world and understand their love as well. Example is the key.
    B. you are very much of this camp.
    thanks for all your newsletters and hope.

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