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The Holiday season is here at last! These last few months have been very hectic for almost all of us. This is the perfect time to take a breather before you go around town to parties. I’ve hit a rough patch recently though…

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  Love and Loss

What is it with us that we cannot let sleeping dogs lie? I have this uncanny habit of messing things up just when they are on a roll. Here’s a recent example. You know that Berka and I are friends, right? I’m sure you could also guess conclusively that I have a soft spot for her. That is how things were – we were friends and despite my more-than-friendship feelings for her, I could hide it reasonably enough to keep our relationship on a comfortable level. I don’t remember the name of the many movies where the moral of the story was: “When you love someone, you just HAVE to say it.” I also don’t know why it came to my mind all of a sudden, between the main course and dessert. And it so happened that I decided to tell Berka I wanted to take our relationship to the next level.

I think the bottles of wine that we’d been drinking did me in. Berka side-tracked the question a couple of times, but I kept coming back to it. At long length she decided to address it. She told me flatly that she would rather be friends with me, nothing more. That’s it. Despite her giving me two chances to let things be, I refused and asked a question that would definitely wedge a gap between us. As of now, her maturity at handling this rather foolish step of mine have kept things comfortably in check. But I’m not sure if this failed attempt at being sweethearts would not spoil our friendship. I would not want that to happen. I have been worrying a lot for the last couple of days. Any suggestions?

Saying “Goodbye”

Things are not hunky-dory at another end as well. Soon after that fateful Thanksgiving dinner that froze the very warm and effervescent relationship between Kate and Jeffrey, Kate decided to go back to Iowa. She had to latch on to something to stop herself from plunging into an abyss that will sink her. She told me that this city was not offering her anything which can remotely be passed off as diversion. To add to her woes, the sights and sounds of the city that she has experienced with Jeffrey was haunting her and she was feeling very sad and depressed. So, at long last, she decided to move out of the city.

We were all very heart broken on her decision, but you know friends, I was not too sad at the idea because I can understand that maybe she’s taken the right decision. This may help her in the long run to be a more independent and strong person. A new place might have better plans in store for her. Megan reasoned with her that she had to be strong and stay on in the city that she loved so much. With the recession on, it is very tough to live in New York without a very positive and optimistic frame of mind. And that is something that Kate does not have at this moment.

Kate confided in me that she had no immediate plans to come back again, but she doesn’t want the others to know about it. “They would be very hurt if they knew I wouldn’t come back,” she told me, “but I had to tell someone before leaving. I’ll take up something in Iowa and take it on from there.” I supported her in her plans because that is what she needs most. It was really sad for all of us to say ‘goodbye’ to her as Rick and I dropped her off at the train station. Goodbye and good luck, Kate.

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  Kong Rules!

It was brought to my note by a friend of mine of Facebook that I haven’t written about Kong for a long time. Kong has had a great time during Thanksgiving as well. He likes it most when there are lots of people in the house, it’s like being in a big pack of dogs for him. He takes great pride in his role as the perfect host. Would you believe it that with people in the house, he is so much more behaved and acts responsibly. If a guest is not comfortable with him around, he understands. He shifts away to the ones who beg for his attention. Maybe that’s because he knows he’ll be getting more belly rubs that way.

My friends think of him as a sort of non-human friend. All my friends are very happy to have him around. Adrian is his best friend and Adrian takes very good care of him when I’m busy or messed up with work on all sides. Would you believe it that in his Thanksgiving speech, Adrian thanked Kong before taking any other name! Hope you guys have not forgotten how Kong helped Adrian meet Cathy and eventually date her? If you have missed out on that story, read it here. The main point that I’m getting to is that nobody laughed it away, they actually acknowledged Kong for his help. I felt like a proud parent.

Season’s Greetings [Dec – Jan]

After Kate’s departure, her personal fashion trainer, Irina, was very upset. After all, her training and tips could not salvage the relationship of Kate and Jeffrey. She wanted to get out of this thought and decided to use a sort of ‘shopping therapy’ to redeem her faith in fashion. But with the credit crunch going on, she can’t really buy a lot of stuff. She couldn’t lay hands on her first choices and she had to come back worried and concerned about her wardrobe. After spending a few days cooped up in her place and thinking over it, she decided to go for a makeover herself this season!

Apparently, as Megan briefed me, Irina decided to go conservative in terms of fashion this season. So, instead of settling for second choices, she planned to change her fashion statement to accommodate more clothes in her now restrained budget. Megan thought it was very sensible of her to go for this approach and it would give Irina a new challenge as well. What could be more challenging for a fashion lover than to go for a makeover herself on a shoe string budget! I’m all excited to see her ‘look of the season,’ as she spends her hard earned money wisely. And for all you curious people out there, stay tuned to my blog. This will be worth the wait!

With our friend Kate going away, let’s have a ‘goodbye’ quote this week. This one is by John Gay, simple and almost precise: “We only part to meet again.” Let’s hope things go well for Kate in Iowa and we meet again in happier times.

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So long,

Editor, 123Greetings

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15 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings from Editor Bob

  1. I absolutely love reading your newsletters. They are uplifting and ever hopeful even in your sad moments in life such as friends moving away or relationships not working out the way we hope.
    Have a very Merry Christmas and even better New Year and keep the newsletters coming!

  2. Dear Editor Bob,

    I never was wrong for this particular thought – that you’re a true rider. You have an extraaaaaaaaaordinary mind and you’re very creative of course, comes in the package! you should write a book, a real book that should be sold in a book store.. you can write from kids’ fairy tale stories to a novel book for us adults to read.

    the more i read about your newsletters, the more i see in your talent!

    Keep up the great job!
    bee tee way : if your book ever going to be published, please keep us readers posted, i will be the first who will buy it, only if i know which book store will be selling it.. and how am i going to get your autiographie? i heard when a book is signed by the author, it has more value.


    OODIOS omega!

  3. B. Sounds like Berka understands you and knows that you have feelings for her before you even said it. I thinks it’s fine that she had said she wishes to remain friends only, even though that made you feel sad. Hey, if she really cares about you, when you proclaimed your love for her, that should touch her more than frighten her away. And if you are friends you can be friends for life and share your adventures together. I have guy friends who have approached me in a similar way to what you had done with Berka. Of course I got all tongue tied, mushy, teary eyed and so moved by their kind advances, even attracted to them that I wanted to hug and kiss them right on the spot. The heart is a delicate thing. But I only wanted to remain friends so I gently explain to them that I do want them in my life as they have made my life exciting, happy and worth living. Yet let’s keep it at a friendship level. As I will always be there for them and if they need anything, all they have to do is ask. L.

  4. B.
    And yes! Kong rules. Whatagoodbuddy.At Christmas, Santa ought to bring him a fun doggie treat.
    Give him a tummy rub from me, won’tchya? L.

  5. I love to read happy letters but, Kate is not a happy person not is she in love or attached to her warm caring friends like they are to her. I think Kate can and probably is very attractive, a pleasant smile and disposition but more on the self centered side of life as why ruin Holidays for others tis the saddest time of all to discourage and leave your friends unless you really did not consider them friends. Christmas is with love ones, friends and groups that you enjoy. If it were me I would have been happy staying with my friends and seeing them happy before I left the big City of New York and then started my new year in Jan away from it all. My guess is that after three months she will find her happiness or return to the happiness that she did not realize she had had. Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless us all, especially our far away warriors away from thier loved ones, home and safe. Toni.

  6. Bob,

    Couldn’t help but make a comment about the Berka situation. I’ve done what you did and blurted out my feelings and I tell you what is up with that. If you have those feeling it’s best to express them than to keep them all bottled up and continue on with a relationship that you hope for will be more than just a friendship.

    Yeah, it hurts and stings to realize those feelings will never be returned by someone “you have a soft spot for…” but at least you won’t be wasting anymore time on a hopeless situation and you can now venture out and find someone who will accept you and return those “soft spot” feelings.

    Time is precious, Bob…Remember, “There’s a pea for every pod.” and also “This world is not so small that you cannot find one person in it to love you…” She’s out there pal somewhere…it’s just not Berka. Let her go! If she reconsiders and wants you back she’ll return but don’t get used.

    Put one foot in front of the other and push…go forward, put the past behind you and find that lady who shall return your feelings 10 fold.

    Good Luck Bob,

  7. Have you heard of an old holiday
    called Christmas. If you can;t use the prooper
    name for the holiday than don’t send me any more of your Dribble.

  8. Bob,

    A hint of advice: send Berka e-cards…my husband conquered me with them before we got married. There are some that really touch your heart…isn´t that what you want anyway, her heart?

    wish you the best,

  9. Werird!

    Dribble is a word?
    how about “Drooling”? isn’t that a word too?

    Yes! i’m a boy from outerspace! flying around like a saucer and like to read your news, of course i mean “Newsletters”…

    great job!
    Beety way a craker!
    oh hush!

  10. He Be Beep!

    How interesting!!!!
    look around your messages from readers!
    Boy! you must have been a very smart person to understand them all.
    Some has special writing skill.
    Some has their own spelling in words.
    Some has their own definitions.
    Some has their own meanings.

    and some like they have their own languages.

    So Bee Tee wee– you must be spoken 10 different languages to understand them all!


    hippie day!

    sorry i gotto run away!


  11. Kate and Jeffrey is such a nice couple. Kate should not give up! She is hurting not only herself but also Jeffrey!

  12. It is Christmas at last! I have been waiting for a year! What else can I call a real holiday? Sorry to hear all these sad stories about your friends and yourself. Christmas should be a time for family and friends, happiness and reunion. Hey Bob, ecard is not a bad idea but you have to be sure that Berka does not reject it. Try an apology card at the beginning and see how she responds.

  13. Sorry to hear those sad stories bob,but I wanted to add on what you said in your article about relationship as being like plant.True, Relationship is like a plant.Even just mutual relationship,It grows,it needs fertile soils like plants do,it has obstacles to its growth like plants do have weeds.And the more you know these obstacles,the more you reduce them,the more your relationship prospers.But also we should remember that relationship takes place in our hearts,and our hearts have a certain capacity to accommodate certain things and for a certain period of for Berka to prefer to be just a friend, I think that is what heart’s capacity can accommodate.I want us to think a little bit,under what circumstances would we want to be “just friends” to our relatives,loved ones,parents and so on.Other commentaries suggested sending an e-card to Berka because they it worked for them,I would hate to discourage you,but never take people to be the same,what works with B, does not work with A.So that means you have to take time and learn people, what they like, what up sets them, and to what degree.I will start by defining what an e-card is to me,it is simply a card sent via an e-mail.So maybe it can help in the relationships built through internet and so on.So since hearts are the most mysterious organs to me,I would advice you to do what is possible and peaceful to your heart.
    12,17 2008

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