Here’s To New Beginnings!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

No one got rich working 9 to 5. Live the life to your fullest, but work harder to achieve that. There is no substitute to good old hard work. I learnt that the hard way again! And no one shares hard work; you have to fend for yourself. Do not be dependant, only if you do that you can be independent. Bear that in mind always. There is good luck associated with hard work, but that happens only when you earn it. Even luck is earned and usually fortune favors the brave. Be brave, be diligent, work hard and you will make your own luck.

Here’s a look at what we have in store for the week ahead…

Positive Thinking Day [Sep 13]

Life is a collection of beautiful moments. Positive thinking leads to positive results. There are good moments, there are awkward moments and there are amazingly pleasant moments. The goal of every individual is to live more of the amazingly pleasant moments. It is just that it is not possible to live them as we please. We do not understand that to reach those moments we have to go through the other moments that are less pleasant. If we are not ignorant about that fact, then we will enjoy the journey to our amazing moment passing through less pleasant moments with a smile. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Remember that and be positive!

Rosh Hashanah [Sep 16-18]

This particular festival moment is special for a lot of people around the globe, but it is very special to me. That’s because it is very, very special for Aaliyah and importantly her folks. I am accustomed to their customs by now and these Jewish people are a lovable lot. They serve the best feast and have the most beautiful smiles when one sits around their dinner table. That said, I still get nervous walking into their house as they are my girlfriend’s parents, but they put me at ease with their pleasing demeanor and they do go out of the way to make me comfortable. Like always, your good ol’ Editor Bob loves the attention and Aaliyah smiles nonstop looking at me blush.

Happy Rosh Hashanah to one and all and I wish you all new beginnings and a whole lot of joy!


I just talked about my girlfriend, but there are other friends too who make up my beautiful life. Megan for one. She is that 2 a.m. friend who has an ear reserved for me whenever I call her for help. She is this nonjudgmental friend who would not flinch even if I had committed murder. She would just discuss ways to get me out of trouble no matter what my sin is. That, my dear folks, is unconditional love and that happens to come from a friend who is the dearest.

Life is full of strangers, but the ones that live on in the heart are the ones who make your life worth living. Everyone deserves a good friend, but not one good friend deserves being ignored.


Commitment is the ultimate mark of a man or a woman for that matter. It is easy to be platonic in a relationship, but it is tough to commit and man up!

I appreciate those who do commit and I give them all my wishes and luck when they decide to exchange vows. I am always there to attend weddings and you by now know my penchant towards ceremonies that involve white angelic dress and black tuxedos.

It’s a beautiful ceremony that makes you feel good and to see two lives intertwining in front of your eyes is the most beautiful sight ever.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Rosh Hashanah 2016 [Oct 2 – 4]

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Send Rosh Hashanah Greetings!


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