Patriot Day: Don’t Forget To Remember!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

August is past and September is now. We are starting on our journey to the most exciting part of the year, all I can see is holidays and holidays! Fun time to be had from now on until the year end. Time to dream of attires to buy and gifts to splurge on for the dear and near ones. In the meantime, bookmark the events that are to arrive and send the relevant greeting cards postdating them to reach your loving folks on the day of the event. Wouldn’t that be a smart thing to do? That said, let’s take a stroll and visit the events and emotions of the week.

Teddy Bear Day [Sep 9]

Teddy bear is the king of romance. Oh! Yes! Tough to find a girl who doesn’t like this cuddly cutie. Teddy bear goes well with a bouquet of roses when it comes to gifting something romantic for your beloved.

And they come in different shapes, colors and sizes, but the most amazing thing about all of them is that they are uniformly cute. Maybe that’s why girls like them. They are a bit of miniature babies too whom the girls love to hug to sleep and sometimes they become good friends whom one could confide things to.

No wonder that then Aaliyah calls in our most sentimental of moments, “Bob, you are one cuddly teddy bear!”

I take that as a compliment!

Patriot Day [Sep 11]

The man responsible is no more. Did it make a difference? Yes, at a certain level, feels like justice has been served. Whatever happens, our country’s history will always be segregated in to two parts, pre 9/11 and post 9/11 . We, as Americans have changed a lot since that fateful day. But one thing that remained constant is the confidence and our will to never forget what happened that day.

There can be varied emotions that we will go through on this day, but most of all we should remember to never forget what happened and never ever forget the bravery of those firefighters who laid down their lives to get as many safe as possible.

Survivors live to tell their stories.

We have a duty to tell the stories of the victims. Let’s do that. And pray.


Pets are friends that God made for people who deserve a little more love than they have in their life. They are unconditional lovers who do not judge or forsake us for their own will and wish.

They tend to themselves in terms of emotions, but never forget to dot on us when we look gloomy and sad. They love to cuddle and they love to suppress their own wild instinct to make you feel safer.

They stand vigil while we sleep and stand by our side when we are awake. They are ignored, but they don’t carry a grudge and these delightful pets are always there for us even though we seldom make a note of it. Such a beautiful creature needs recognition and that’s why we have adorned our cards with these cute characters for you to send to your dear and near ones.

Stay In Touch

I talk to you once a week through these newsletters and at least twice a week through our blog, that’s my way of saying ‘I care for you.’ I do that week on week and that makes me feel better and I am sure you feel good too. Isn’t that the same thing every near and dear one of you wants?

Why is that we forget to knock on their door or call on them on their phone or send a card for a good stretch of time even though we don’t mean to? Maybe, it’s the lack of time. One mouse click is enough to tell them you care. Send a card today and stay in touch with the ones whom you care for.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Patriot Day 2016 [Sep 11]

Send Patriot Day Greetings!
Send Patriot Day Greetings!


Send Pets Greetings!
Send Pets Greetings!

Stay in Touch

Send Stay In Touch Greetings!
Send Stay In Touch Greetings!

2 thoughts on “Patriot Day: Don’t Forget To Remember!

  1. Hi Bob, thanks for keeping on sending me your newsletters. This one was cute particularly the teddy bear one. Keep smiling!

  2. B., Always remeber 9/11 and keep the victims alive by sharing their heroic stories with future generations. Thank you for this newsletter and give a pet to your beloved Kong. xo, L.

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