Celebrate the Fruits of Your Labor.

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

I have a confession to make. I enjoyed the past week to the heights unimaginable. I mean, I would go as far as to say that maybe, jus’ maybe that was the best week of my life. Ask me why? Well, I spent good time with people I love. You know, when you come to think of it, that’s the bottom line for happiness. Spending time with people you love. Well, we know that, it was always in the back of our mind that maybe that’s the secret… Hmm… We just didn’t give it much thought and effort, I think and now maybe it’s a good time to put that thought into action. That said let’s look at what this week has to offer.

Full Moon Day [Aug 31]

Love is the center of the universe. It has to stay there so that other emotions and relationships can stay afloat around it. It is the magnetic pull that keeps us alive and well. Aaliyah is the center of my universe. I am happy when she is and I am sad when she isn’t. Listen, this is how it works: Your girl is feeling good, you tend to feel good. Love is infectious. Smile is infectious. Sadness is infectious. It is always good to live for a person whom you love rather than live seclusion with material richness.

That’s no life to live. On a Full Moon Day one tends to get romantic and that explains my overwhelming emotional let out of love above.

Labor Day [Sep 3]

Hard work killed nobody is the adage. That’s so very true. I haven’t heard of one individual who did. But I know of folks who have partied hard and got hurt to the extreme. My point is, you are to work hard and then enjoy the much deserved Labor Day partying, but play it safe. Come on, I ain’t the elderly type to give you party advise. I am just trying to keep you around hale and hearty for the next newsletter.

Labor Day is the day you not only have fun, but also remember to appreciate and celebrate the colleague, co-worker and the neighbor who does his bit to keep his family in good times. Give them a pat and recognize their goodness by sending them a greeting card from our collection and make their day.


There is this small support group I have as you know: Megan, Kong, Steve, Karen and of course, Aaliyah. This group is my world and they take care of all the emotional disturbances I run into. There is one for every problem. Yes, there is the guy Steve who addresses all my guy problems and whatever else is taken care of by the girls. To alleviate loneliness and to be just by my side to give me that peace is my Kong.

I don’t need to be the richest man in the world; I just need these beautiful people calledfriends to be around me till I walk off into the sunset. That’s all I wish for.


There are special days and then there is everyday. Yes, I believe we should celebrate this wonder called just another day. A day ends and another begins with an excitement untold by many. A fresh start for the visitors of this world every 24 hours. Hope of a good day propels one out of sleep, many dreams come true, many tears stop and miracles happen: every single day.

Maybe, today is your day to smile and benefit from a miracle. I wish you that. Have a great day.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Labor Day 2016 [Sep 5]

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Send Labor Day Greetings!


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Send Friendship Greetings!

Everyday Cards

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2 thoughts on “Celebrate the Fruits of Your Labor.

  1. B., I am so happy that you had an incredible week! It makes me glad to know you experienced heights unimaginable. Ahhh, you are such a true adventurer in love and friendship- the treasures of life. Give a pet to Kong for me, won’t chya? and hugs to all your friends. Hey, the last days of summer are upon us, let’s all look up to the sky at this very moment and imagine we are standing together in a strong circle, holding hands that give each and every one of us a rush of love to the head! Happy Labor Day, Mista B., xo, L.

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