Hug, Kisses and Gratitude!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Too many things are happening and too fast. That’s the current affairs of our world… Every day! I don’t know if it is for good or bad, but the sheer pace at which our technology is marching through is amazing. Our culture and heritage is taking a beating a bit with all the advancements, I guess, but there are good folks here who I believe will strive to keep it alive. That said; let’s move onto the exciting events and emotions to talk about this week. Want to take a stroll with me? Hop on.

Hug Your Sweetheart Day [Aug 23]

It is quite an art – I mean, looking for the right moment to hold him or her in your arms and resting your head on the top of the shoulder placing yourself in such a way that your breath is on your sweetheart’s ears. Even the hot breath speaks. And then slowly listen to the heart beat and say those sweet nothing words. Close your eyes and go into romantic oblivion where there are only two people – you and her.

Did I put in my sales pitch too strong? You guys are going to read the whole newsletter now or run to your sweetheart and give him or her a great hug?

Such days are rare in our calendar and this day is a beautiful excuse to hold the love of your life in your arms.

Kiss & Make Up Day [Aug 25]

Talking about hugs, can kiss and make up be far behind?

Almost every second day there is an intense fight among couples. It has to be that way. Once the wooing phase is over, then comes the really getting to know phase. Yes, the things that looked trivial when in the dating phase changes to irritating or frustrating events later in the relationship phase.

One has to draw a line. Or rather still, one of the two have to give up and make some adjustments every second day. It may not be one person all the time, but both should take turns to give up their stand and kiss and make up when the fights go overboard.

Because when the dust settles and egos vanish, all that remains is love.


It is a logical thing… Hugs and kisses and make up lead to happy anniversaries.

Isn’t that a fact? A good marriage goes through trouble but the romance wins. If that happens then you have a happy marriage. Romance is the center of the wedding universe.

That has to be given its due attention by both parties. If the other trivial and by products are given too much attention or rather attention that is not warranted then the real hero – romance suffers. And that will lead to marital discord, which is not the reason one falls in love.

Love is the reason for marriage. Count your blessings that you have found true love and give it its due attention. You will have happy anniversaries.

Thank You

In the same logical train comes gratitude.

Once, you have the basic things in life that make you happy show gratitude to God and the people who were responsible for it. Say thanks to the ones who made you what you are.

Happiness is best enjoyed when shared with people who were the reason for it.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Kiss & Make Up Day 2016 [Aug 25]

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Thank You

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