Love is The Only Constant in Life!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

There is nothing like spending a quiet time with yourself over the weekend once in a while. I, me, myself and my couch were together this weekend and I quite enjoyed my time. You see, I had good company. How about you? How was your weekend? Did you guys have fun? Tell me about it. Write me a line or better still send me a card. As with every week, this week too has some fun events for us to walk through. I am ready for the stroll, are you ready to tag along?

Here we go…

True Love Forever Day [Aug 16]

Technology changes. The way we lived, the lifestyle and even the food habits change. There is nothing that is the same that was a century before. We have evolved as they say. We are more rational. We have come a long way. Gadgets have made life easier and we are all different people from who we were as the first human beings from the caves.

Well, one thing hasn’t changed. Even in those caves you will find inscription of one’s love for another. Soul is intact. Love hasn’t changed forever and will stay the same forever.

This is one emotion that will never change. If it does, we won’t be humans after all. Aaliyah has kept me sane through my ever changing mood swings and activities. She is the only constant in my life. Everyone has one soul mate. Time to celebrate that person on True Love Forever Day.

Friendship Week [Aug 19-25]

If love hasn’t changed then friendship too hasn’t. Ask me how?

Well, that’s because friendship is a byproduct of love. I will go a step further and say when love fails friendship lends a hand. And on the other hand, love is the logical progression of friendship.

Friendship is the center of the universe and love is its emotion.

Respect your friends and get together with them this week as this is the sacred week for friends –Friendship Week.


You know what makes anyone smile even in the moment of distress?

A cute little gesture.

More than an awe-inspiring word or a delightful poem, a cuddly teddy bear is all a child needs when it’s not feeling good.

Such cute characters are prevalent in our Cute category here and you can choose a few to send to people who badly need a smile.


When we are talking of cute, can pets be far away?

These four legged wonders can make the day for any distressed soul. Well, we Americans love our pets more than we do our fellow beings don’t we?

We have reasons to do so too.

A companion and a friend who loves unconditionally is what everyone wants, but alas not many humans are capable of it. It is a tried and tested method where the pets have become trumps against the humans in their loyalty and love.

No wonder we love them so much.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Friendship Week 2016 [Aug 21 – 27]

Send Friendship Week Greetings!
Send Friendship Week Greetings!

Cute Cards

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Send Cute Greetings!


Send Pets Greetings!
Send Pets Greetings!

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