Is Growing Up That Bad?

Last evening I was out to meet Fred after a really long time. We were there for a Karaoke night at our favorite pub. Adrian joined us an hour later. We were enjoying the good food, drinks, and music.

Adrian looked a little stressed. “You have been quiet! What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Well, it’s just that at times I feel that I have become boring. Like I know each year I am getting older and hopefully wiser (he winked). But, I just feel it was a lot easier when we were younger! The zeal is missing most of the time!” He said.

“What do you mean by easier?” Asked Fred.

“Like now I think a lot and balancing both work and personal life gets exhausting at times. I guess it’s the effect of growing up!” He expressed with a sigh.

There was silence for some time. “I feel it’s better not to think that way and just enjoy living. It’s a beautiful experience in its way. The zeal is missing because you are making everything a task!” He said.

“Exactly! And it’s not age that makes us feel older. It’s our perspective! We think too much and make it look complicated. Life happens at every stage, and we must embrace, learn and have fun at the same time,” I expressed.

“I agree! I guess I’m just fretting over it too much and being too serious!” Adrian Replied.

“We are just not in our twenties anymore! And, that’s fine. This time and experience of life have their own beautiful essence. I get to do a lot and explore a lot! I would not give this up for anything!” I expressed.

“Same for me! Being independent, meeting new people, going out, being responsible, making mistakes, and learning, facing life – all of it!” Added Fred.

“Thanks to you both for showing me this new perspective! Now even I want to be here wherever I am at this point in life and enjoy.” Said, Adrian.

“We are glad!” I said and we enjoyed the rest of the evening eating, dancing, and enjoying.

Why look at things as an effect of growing up? Why blame it all on it? It’s time to lift our spirits and change our perspective. Let’s not complicate life which in reality is a beautiful journey. It is filled with ups and downs, but in the end, it is worth living with all the experiences. So try being happy and live to the fullest wherever you are!

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