Overcoming The Void Isn’t Easy But Important!

Last night, Megan had come over for dinner. She was here to celebrate a little achievement- she had got a new client on board who was a tough nut to crack! Both Aaliyah and she had prepared Italian cuisine.

When we sat for dinner and started having Risotto, I saw Megan was not eating much. The excitement with which she had started the evening had gone down. Aaliyah noticed it too.

“What’s the matter? Why are you not eating?” I asked. “Yes, what’s wrong?” Asked Aaliyah.

She looked at us and said, “Well, Bob and Aaliyah, I am simply missing my ex, Gabriel. Like it’s been quite some time that we are not together, but I remember how he used to be my biggest cheerleader in all my achievements. We used to often celebrate it together!” She replied.

“Do you want to talk to him and share?” I asked.

 “We are still good friends! And, on listening to today’s news, he sent me virtual hugs. Like we have moved on and have no hard feelings. It’s just that there is still a void,” She said.

Aaliyah went beside her and hugged her tight. I understood what she was going through. We all have felt that at some point or other. It’s not easy.

“Megan, I understand. We are unable to forget the memories or the deep impact of people who are no longer with us. Whatever role for whatever time they have played, we should cherish that and move on!” I expressed.

“I know but the void at times is too much and is so saddening!” She replied.

“That’s how it is! We can’t change reality but we can keep them in good thoughts. Address the emptiness but try to find joy in the current situation. Think of the way that they have once been there with us and empowered us. They would not want us to be unhappy in their absence. So cheer up a bit for him, maybe!” I suggested.

“It’s not easy but I guess this will help! Will get some strength,” Assured Aaliyah.

“Alright, you too! Thanks for understanding! I will do what you both have suggested. Cherish the old good times and live in the moment! Be grateful for every bit!” She replied. Then the rest of the evening we enjoyed dinner.

The void and emptiness of a person are real and hard-hitting! It’s a space where you can neither go back nor go ahead to have all of it again. It’s tough and we don’t know how to deal with this feeling.

Give yourself a tight hug then! And, just know that not everyone is meant to stay forever! Reminisce the good old memories and move on! Be grateful for the times you have had with them and don’t stop living in the current moment.

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