Labor Day, Kong’s Friend, Happening Birthday

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This week: an important day in the history of the country is about to visit us again. A teacher miles away is being remembered. A birthday which is a potential live wire for emotional cross currents. Join me to find out more…

Send Labor Day Greetings!
Send Labor Day Greetings!
Labor Day Weekend Plans [Sep 7]

Labor Day has always been a day of celebration for Fred. And why not. He has been observing this day since he can remember. “I remember my dad taking me to a parade!” he told me with a fond twinkle in his eyes, “I saw all these people out there. I think since then I have a special liking for this day. This is not just a rest day for me.” This year Fred obtained a permission from the doctor to go out to his friend’s place downtown on Labor Day weekend. They are having a barbeque out there.

Fred is very excited about meeting friends again outside his pad. “I was really tired of seeing them with a concerned face all the time!” he joked. People like Fred have a life of their own, separate from ours and yet always open to accommodating us into the scheme of things. He likes to do things taking everyone on his side but when the results are achieved, he steps back and moves on to other tasks. They never rest, they never give up. People like Fred make all the difference, because they dare to be selfless in a selfish world.

To You, Teacher

Reconnecting with Berka has been a pleasurable experience. A lot of events have happened in her life over these days. She had been dating a guy for a couple of months. But he was too much of a control freak. He used to keep a strict tab on her cell phone messages and calls. While talking about all this, Berka shifted gears and started talking about her school and college life. She was especially inspired to take up filmmaking by a professor. “He made me believe in my abilities when I lost it completely,” she told me with a fond remembrance.

As a mark of her thankfulness, she writes home to wish Teacher’s Day every year. “Back in India, it’s on the 5th of September,” she informed me. But I was half listening. I was thinking of my own teachers. They were nearer to me geographically than Berka’s teacher is. But how often have I contacted them or told them how much difference they made to me? I can’t even recall the last time I connected to one of my teachers with a thank you note. Berka taught me a lesson or two alright. I would ask you all guys to do the same, too. Connect with your teachers. They made you who you are.

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Send Thank You Greetings!

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A New Friend For Kong

Kong has a way with people! He can make friends in a jiffy, much like Adrian. I have observed there is a strange connection between Kong and Adrian. Kong got him Cathy, and they are steady. When Adrian is down, he relies on Kong to bail him out. I have friends who had to give up on pets because their roommates were allergic to them. If Adrian was not understanding, Kong may not have been a part of our lives. The point is that Kong has a new friend. He’s Frank! Yes, thanks to Eleanor’s invites and wonderful goodies, Kong has decided to get pally with Frank.

In the initial days, Kong would be indifferent to Frank. Kong would be busy with his own business, going around Eleanor’s place as if to show Frank that he was more than a regular visitor. Frank would be amused. Then Kong realized that Frank was not a bad person at all. Frank played the trick Kong loves to fall for. He took Kong out for a walk and also got him some goodies that he can play around with. Kong liked what he received and they are friends now. Frank takes him out for evening walks regularly. “He’s a good boy!” is all Frank had to say when I wanted to thank him for everything.

A ‘Happening’ Birthday

Kate‘s a proud Virgo! Though her friends feel that she is too much of a softie to be a Virgo, she’s most definitely one. I can say that with conviction because Megan, who has a knack for zodiacs, told me that Kate’s attention to detail is a defining characteristic of a Virgo. Anyway, whatever her sign may be, she is our friend and we plan to celebrate her birthday with a lot of fanfare. Kate was in Iowa last year during this time, so we couldn’t wish her on her birthday. Henry, her boyfriend, will be coming down on her birthday. We have arranged for a surprise party for her. Irina, Kate’s best friend, got in touch with Henry to take him in the loop.

As you guys know, this is also her first birthday after her relationship with Henry. But something is biting me at the back of my mind: Jeffrey walking away across the bend. What will he do on Kate’s birthday? Will he turn up to wish her? He can’t do that on the phone because Kate changed her phone number to get rid of loving memories. So the only way would be to come over. Should we invite him? I mean, his behavior and restrain has been exemplary so we’re not really scared of a showdown. But will Henry be okay with that? These are some answers that I want to figure out before I pop the question to birthday party organizers, Kate and Irina. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted on this.

Here’s a Zen quote by Washington Irving for lovers like Jeffrey: “Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.” Isn’t that profound?

Send Birthday Greetings!
Send Birthday Greetings!

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