Grandparents Day, New Love, Friendly Foe

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Relationships form when we accept people instead of judging them. Read how a new relationship was formed. Plus, a strange bet that was cracked unknowingly. Something new happening and a toxic friend out to ruin a wonderful romance. Join me…

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Send Grandparents Day Greetings!
To Grandpa and Granny [Sept 13]

Eleanor woke up to a wonderful surprise one morning. It started off bad. Her alarm clock failed to go off. When Eleanor finally woke up, she realized that it was an hour late. Her faithful clock had given up on her. Frank leaves early, so he doesn’t wake her up. With an hour behind schedule, Eleanor was distraught and angry that new battery cells were not put in place. Being the ever particular person that Eleanor was, it was very disappointing to say the least. Eleanor dashed down her stoop with a forehead full of worries. What Eleanor found in her mailbox took her over the moon.

Her grandson Andrew has mailed her a card. Technically not to her. It was to her and Frank. “To Granny and Grandpa” was inscribed in small, ill formed letters. But those small letters made a big difference to both Frank and Eleanor. They were so touched by this gesture. Frank wanted to visit the little angel immediately to thank him for making it so special for them. Eleanor looked visibly touched, too. These small incidents make life so livable. And worth dying for.

Teddy Bear Bet [Sept 9]

Rachael has cracked a bet! The bet was a little silly to begin with, but you know how girls her age can be. I’ll explain. Rachael has a close group of friends. They had this running bet between themselves that whoever gets a teddy bear from her boyfriend wins it. The bet was that it was entirely on trust and no one could give it out to their significant other about this bet. Many of them got chocolates and roses and other stuff but this teddy bear was miraculously staying away from all of them. Rachael herself got some really nice gifts from Charlie over the days and then it finally happened.

It happened before everyone. Charlie sneaked out a gift wrapped pack from his bag and handed it to Rachael. That did not attract much attention, because Charlie does it often. “Everyone turned around when I shrieked!”, Rachael told me later. As the teddy emerged its head from the pack, her gang of friends was on her, congratulating and patting her. Charlie could make no sense of this collective happiness of about five girls, drooling over the cute teddy that came out. “When he was told, he looked very proud of himself!” was all Rachael said. Why not? It’s not always that we do wrong things unknowingly!

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Things Taking Shape

After being offline for a couple of weeks, Sarah resurfaced. Sarah had been out on an emergency and couldn’t contact me because she didn’t have my number, too. I immediately gave her my number and told her to keep it. I also added that there was no need to reciprocate it. Sarah told me that she had saved the number and would contact me, if necessary. That same evening I was hanging out with my office friends when a text message came in: “Will you be online tonight? Sarah.”

I replied in the affirmative. It took me a good few minutes to realize that I had her number now! I didn’t call up or something. I had no fun hanging out anymore. I took off with an apology, came back home and got online. Sarah was waiting for me. We chatted late into the night. Sarah asked me how come I didn’t call up despite having her number. I told her that I will call her on some special day. This surprised her. “That’s strange! I thought guys couldn’t resist calling a girl!” Sarah’s got wit, I tell you! This will be fun.

Friendly Foe

Steve has a problem. No, it’s not the twins or Natalie. It’s a friend of Natalie. This guy is turning out to be a spoiler in Steve’s love life. I don’t know his name, so I can’t give it out. He’s like very good friends with Natalie and supposedly bailed her out of trouble on a number of times. Natalie thinks the world about his sense of judgment. And so Natalie believes him to a large extent. This guy is on a mission to malign Steve’s reputation. He’s making mountains out of Steve’s mistakes. What could only be a lover’s tiff is taking gigantic proportions.

Steve has some strange habits, admitted. Which geek doesn’t? But his heart is in the right place and I’m sure Natalie got that and so they are together. Now Natalie’s friend is making absurd analysis of Steve’s actions, presenting a warped picture of what Steve actually is. Steve tried to talk it out with Natalie. Natalie listens to Steve too, but when this guy counters what Steve told her, Natalie’s back to believing him. It’s all a mess and Steve is losing cool. Steve blames Natalie for allowing an outsider to have any say about their relationship. Let’s hope Natalie sees sense soon.

This week’s Zen quote is open to interpretation. But, this somehow explains Natalie’s friend’s mind. Here’s what Gore Vidal says: “Whenever a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies.” That’s intriguing.

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