Less Judgments, More Kindness!

We often jump to conclusions especially in matters of others. We make a strong judgment without knowing the whole thing. My friend Donna did something similar. I met her yesterday after work at our favorite pizzeria. We ordered two cups of cappuccino latte and barbecue pizza.

Donna seemed a little off. “What happened? Your mind is somewhere else!” I said.

“My colleague Nancy has been behaving differently for the past two days. She came back from a nice long holiday after which she has been very cold and quiet. I tried to talk but I feel she is ignoring all of us on purpose!” Replied Donna.

“Did you ask her if anything was wrong? If she is troubled?” I asked.

“No, I tried to strike a conversation but she is not entertaining anything. In fact, why should I? She has been deliberately keeping distance!” She answered.

“Donna, don’t judge the situation with her behavior of late. Unless you know it all, you shouldn’t assume!” I said.

“What do you mean, Bob? You think I should still try being there for her?” She asked.

“Yes, be there for her. A lot of times we go through a lot and are unable to process or express it to others. We need our own space and time. The best way to deal with someone in such a situation is to be kind and compassionate. World Kindness Day is here! Being kind and not reacting to this will make a huge difference!” I expressed.

There was silence for some time while we both sipped our coffee.

“You are right, Bob. I shouldn’t react this way. I don’t know what’s wrong but I can wait for her to tell me or just be fine. But, I’ll let her know that I am always there,” She replied.

“Yes, glad that you changed your mind!” I replied with a smile. Just before leaving she dropped a nice and kind message to Nancy.

Before jumping to conclusions or starting to react, we must be aware of the entire situation. And, if we can’t then we must refrain from judgments or assumptions. The best thing to do then is to simply be kind and compassionate. It’s a lot easier and wiser! So, in life always choose to be kind!

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