Thanking The Unexpected This Thanksgiving

Yesterday Fred and I met after a long time over a cup of coffee. He showed to me his new collection of poems. He won’t be a part of our Thanksgiving party this year as he will be meeting his parents after three long years.

“Finally I will be meeting them. Three long years and I get the chance to meet them during Thanksgiving. My mom would be making my favorite fruit muffins this time! They will be so happy to see and read my published works. I couldn’t be more thankful this year!” He expressed.

Fred was overjoyed and his eyes reflected that. I was so happy for him. “That’s great, Fred. We will miss you here. But, I am glad that this year would be special for you!” I replied.

“Thanks, Bob! By the way, what are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving?” He asked.

I thought for a while. Then taking a sip of my coffee I said, “I am thankful for all the things that didn’t turn out my way!”

Fred looked a little puzzled. “What? I am not quite understanding what you are saying!” He replied.

I smiled. “What I mean is that things which didn’t happen my way gave me lessons and experiences that paved the way for new doors and journeys. I am in a better and happier place in life than what I would have been if certain things went my way,” I explained.

“Oh, now I get you! Yes, I agree with you. It’s the unexpected turns in life that push us out of our comfort zone. They bring forth new opportunities that are more fulfilling. They often lead to magical moments, lifetime memories, and wonderful victories!” said Fred.

“Exactly! I am so thankful for every learning experience, challenge, and opportunity that came my way!” We rose a toast with one more cup of coffee each and had a wonderful evening together.

There is more to life than what we see and plan! Life is larger and beyond that! Always trust the almighty when things don’t happen your way. There is a bigger and greater plan awaiting! Walk that path and you will see that you won’t be disappointed! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Let me know what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving!

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