Love Is In The Air

The Empire State Building is all set to alternately sparkle in red and pink. It is time to show up at the door of your beloved with a red rose! The best time to execute the long-planned dinner cruise or curl up together with a tub of ice cream. Valentine’s Day is here!

Aaliyah and Rachael were back from shopping. “I got this amazing ‘Little Black Dress’ for my dinner date on Valentine’s Day, Uncle Bob,” said Rachael throwing herself on the couch. “And I got myself a nice peach-colored dress and some fragrances,” said Aaliyah.

“Wait! What? You too have a date, Aaliyah?” I teased her. “Oh yes! Like every year I’m sure there is a surprise waiting for me. So I am all prepared!” replied Aaliyah with a wink.

I served them white sauce pasta and sausages. “The pasta tastes yum,” expressed Rachael. “So finally he has mastered the art of cooking. Never thought on our first date that he will be this good!” said Aaliyah. “Oh well! I’m glad that I am doing beyond your expectations,” I replied.

“You know, I am having mixed feelings,” said Rachael. “About what?” I asked. “For my first date! He is very different as a person. Like I am excited and do feel the butterflies. We do have a good connect. But, what if the spark isn’t there when we meet? What if we don’t click?” asked Rachael.

“Having a spark on the very first meet is overrated. People take time to open up. It happens over time,” I expressed. “Do you think that Bob and I were always like this? Of course not! Rather we had so many red flags in the beginning! Yet we came this far. We worked on our relationship and we are still at it. Making each day better with each other! It is a continuous process” said Aaliyah.

“Don’t rush into a commitment! Always look for compatibility instead of chemistry. That’s because the initial enthusiasm will wane off if there is no real love, understanding and respect for each other. As of now, stop worrying so much. Have fun on your first date! Enjoy the moment and twirl in that ‘Little Black Dress’!” I expressed.

“Oh Yes! I will! Such amazing dating tips I got from you both today. Thank you so much for the clarity. It feels so good now,” expressed Rachael. “Now let’s have the red velvet cakes that we just got! Shall we?” asked Aaliyah. “Oh Yes! We specially got it for you, Uncle Bob!” expressed Rachael. Then we all got busy indulging.

Let us not jump into conclusion on the very first meet with someone. Relationships have their own sweet pace to grow. It isn’t like pressing the switch and having the hot beverage coming out of the vending machine. It needs a lot of love, time and nurturing. Quirky, funny, serious, moody, no matter how the person is, it will be all worth it in love! Also, often two unexpected people make the greatest love stories of all time!

Share your love story with me! Also, what’s your plan for Valentine’s Day?

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