Oh Friend, You Have My Back!

They say that a good friend knows all your stories but a best friend has lived them with you. Indeed! It is the Friendship Month! I thank the universe for my best friend, Adrian.

Sitting at Central park, waiting for him, I was going through some of our old snaps. What happens when two confused and starkly opposite souls meet at the threshold of adulthood? Life only gets hilarious and better! Also, you sail through the highs and lows together.

I remember this time when I was in complete chaos. It was getting difficult for me to share with anyone how was I feeling. Yet, I was part of every gathering, playing the guitar and being the soul of each party. Amidst all the joy and laughter Adrian had noticed something which no one else had.

“Bob, you can fool the whole world but not me! You’re unhappy! I can see that. Tell me what’s wrong?” he had asked. He was right! I was pretending to be happy. I confided in him how helpless and low I felt!

That was the phase of my life when I was looking for a job switch. I wanted to be a writer. My family wasn’t confident enough. Others warned me to be cautious. Adrian was the only one who knew and understood my passion.

Three days later, I had got a call from him saying exactly this, “Bob there is an interview going on for a writer in this company I know. The name and address I will text you. Be there at sharp 10 a.m.,” he said.

“But I am still wondering if I should…” but he didn’t let me complete. “Bob, please! Don’t overthink and argue. Come out of this unhappy trap. You have my back! I have full faith in you. Give it a shot!” he had expressed.

It was his encouragement that landed me here with this job. He was the first one to whom I had broken the news. “See! I had told you! I knew you would make it. Now let’s celebrate!” was his reply.

It’s as if he knew my favorite song and reminded me of the lyrics when I had forgotten it. And, then we sang it together. This was just one story. Every time he has showed to me what true friendship looks like!

Friendship Week is round the corner. I’ve planned an adventurous surprise trip with him! He has no clue about it! I’ll tell him now when he comes.

True friendship is based on trust, support and sincerity. It’s hard to find a person who believes in you when your own confidence is shaken. They are there to wipe your tears when you cry and also there to laugh at your lame jokes when no one else is laughing. We must treasure such souls forever!

Tell me if you had such a similar experience with your close friend. Would love to know your story!

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