Nothing Ends Here!

We cheered louder! “To the hard-working woman ever! “You Go Girl! Cheers!” We all said and raised a toast to Donna who just got promoted.

“Thank You so much, guys! I never expected this to happen this quickly but here I am today. The head of the Human Resource team! Thanks for always believing in me and being there!” She smiled and expressed. We gave her a group hug.

Then Donna got a call and excused herself. All of us got busy eating good food. I noticed that Adrian was standing alone on the balcony. I went to him.

“Hey, are you okay? What is wrong? Why are you here alone?” I asked.

“No, it’s nothing! I will join you guys!” He replied. He was totally lying and I could make that out.

“Your face and eyes disagree with what you are saying. Come on, tell me what is it?” I asked.

“Today I burnt my finger a little while ironing in the morning. Then on the way, my car broke down and I got late to work. To top it all, we gave a terrible presentation and lost a client. In short, everything was a mess and I don’t feel good about it!” He replied.

“Adrian, I understand that things were overwhelming for you today. But, just know that it was just a bad day. We all have that! The best thing to do is to let it pass and not let the thoughts upset you. It’s a new day tomorrow, so start afresh!” I said.

“Yes, but that client was important! Also, I wanted to do some painting for May and surprise her. But with this finger now, I can’t do that for a few days at least!” He said showing his thumb.

“But, the good thing is you can still paint it once you recover and it will still be special to May. Also, you will work hard and get to pitch to bigger clients. Nothing ends here today! Embrace, move on, and start afresh on a sweet note with this cookie! Our favorite cookie month it is!” I expressed.

He took the cookie, smiled, and said, “Talking to you always helps, Bob! I will follow your advice. Thanks! I feel better now!”

“That’s great! Now let’s join them!” I said and we enjoyed the rest of the evening celebrating Donna’s success.

Not every day is going to be perfect! Some days are easy, smooth, and happy. Whereas the other ones give us a tough time! Such days are not easy but we should not brood over them. We must remind ourselves that it’s just a bad day and not a bad life. We always have the next day to make things better and happier! A new day to conquer all that we want! Let us always remember that!

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