The Road To Abundance And Prosperity

The past is gone! The future is coming! So, what’s extremely important is for us to live in the present. Only that can pave the way for a promising future. However, we humans often tend to oscillate between the past and the future.

The memories refuse to leave us. Be it a place, a song or a simple word – anything can come up and give us a flashback. That’s exactly what happened with my friend Megan yesterday.

We met over a few drinks after work. She looked at a happy couple sitting opposite to us and said, “I miss the romantic dinners and the long drives. I miss all the morning cuddles. I also remember how pathetically it had ended! I don’t know how I am supposed to forget all. It’s been ages since I have not been in love or been loved that way! I am craving for every bit of the care and affection!”

I kept silent for a while and let her take another sip of her drink. After which I said, “Hey, look here! There are two things that are preventing you from staying aligned with your desire! Fixing them might help!”

“What is it?” She asked.

“You are not releasing the past and at the same time, you are being too anxious and negative about the future. You have to let those past energies go. You need to absorb the lesson and move on. Autumn is here which signifies maturity and letting go of things that no longer serve us. Heal and make way for new wonderful possibilities! So start being optimistic! You never know when cupid strikes again!”

“But what if things go wrong again? I can’t keep breaking my heart!” She expressed.

“It’s better to be hopeful than anxious. Love happens and after that, it is the effort of two people that can make the relationship work out. Let your past learnings guide you and the rest leave it to the universe. Have full faith!”

“You are right, Bob! I must follow your advice! I must liberate myself from these unwanted energies and negative thought patterns that are creating a blockage. It’s time for new love and some blooming romance!” She replied.

“Yes, cheers to that!” I said with a wink. Then we continued the rest of the evening with great cocktails and banter.

Our past mistakes leave us with wisdom. Whereas optimism keeps us hopeful and aligned to our desires. The present is all that we have with us to live life to the fullest. Setting the right intentions along with all the honesty and purity of heart will lead to the road of abundance and prosperity. Very much like what the fall season symbolizes and reminds us!

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