This Rosh Hashanah, Don’t Be Afraid To Do New Things!

New beginnings open new doors and they come in the most unexpected ways! They pave the way for new learnings and experiences. However, it can often give us cold feet. What lies next? Will it be good? Will everything be alright? What if it doesn’t go how I had thought? What if and what if not! The loop is never-ending!

My friend Kate was going through the same thing. She came in last evening while Aaliyah and I were enjoying lattes and watching our favorite show. The doorbell rang and she was there!

“What a surprise! Come in!” Said Aaliyah and Kate came in and sat on the couch. Aaliyah made iced mocha for her. “What happened? You look unsettled!” I expressed.

“Bob, I had gone to pitch a new client with my clothing designs and you won’t believe what happened there! She liked my designs so much that she now wants me to design jewelry for her!” She expressed.

“That’s great news! Congratulations!” I said and Aaliyah hugged her. “Well on one hand I am ecstatic on the other hand I am nervous. I have never done jewelry designing for anyone before. What if it goes bad?” She asked.

“Oh come on, Kate! Rosh Hashanah is here which marks the beginning of a new year. And, New Year means new beginnings! I agree that new opportunities give do make us nervous but be rest assured that it will be all good. Besides, remember that your efforts and talent have got you here! It’s a new vertical, so go for it!” I said.

“But, what if she is not impressed with the jewelry designs after all the hard work?” She asked.

“Your focus should be on giving your best like always! The rest of it we can’t control. If things don’t go well then you can always think of working harder at it and exploring this new vertical,” I expressed.

“Yes, you are right, Bob! Both ways it will be great! For now, I should give my best and not let the anxious thoughts come in the way of my creativity!” She replied.

“Yes, do that!” I said and then we got back to enjoying the rest of the evening with coffee and tacos.

Don’t be afraid to try out or do new things. It either uplifts you to a new height or makes you learn and gather experience. Both ways it’s a win-win situation! Whenever you feel anxious just tell such thoughts – “Hey I can do it! You take a back seat!” And then take the plunge. With this approach, you will never go wrong!

Happy Rosh Hashanah, everyone!

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