Peek Into Your Heart

Carrying her laptop bag in one hand and a big file on the other, Megan came up walking clumsily. I took her laptop bag and offered her some nachos that I was having. “No thanks, Bob. I am good,” she replied.  Walking past the Empire State Building with her I asked how was the meeting with the client. “Pathetic,” was her reply. Hence, she refused the nachos, I figured it out. “Why so?” I asked. She gave a sigh. “We failed to impress the client. They are not coming on board,” she said.

We went to Highline Park and sat on a bench. She was all grumpy. “Can you forget what all happened?” I asked. She drank some water and took some nachos. “Why do I always have to be on my toes to get something?” she asked. “It is okay. “You have other meetings lined up for the week. Focus on them and just be happy now,” I answered.

We saw a group of kids playing Hopscotch. Both of us grew up playing that game and felt nostalgic. “Remember our childhood, Bob? We did whatever we liked without any hesitation. It’s been ages that I have not done anything which makes me instantly happy,” said Megan.

We looked at each other. “Want to play now?” I asked. She gave me a surprised look. “Are you crazy? We are over that age, Bob!” she answered. I fail to understand why people associate fun with age as it is never a bar for doing things we want or like?

“Why do you have to justify every action? And to whom?” I asked her. She looked at me but had no answer. Acting according to the beat of our own drum is so blissful. I wanted my best friend to follow her impulse just like how she used to when she was a child. “Are you sure?” she asked. I didn’t answer but just pulled her. To our surprise, the kids not only welcomed us but we were also joined by their mothers as well. The scintillating smile on Megan’s face had overshadowed her worries within a moment.

Just Because Day is here which celebrates the spirit of doing things that we like without any specific rhyme or reason. It feels great to follow the heart without fearing any judgment or societal pressure.

Growing into adults and being responsible doesn’t set in the need to be rigid on your soul. Why is it that our happiness and acting according to our impulse is getting so conditioned? Why do we look for a reason to have a scoop of our favorite ice cream or to hang around the city aimlessly? Peek into your heart and see what it wants to do at the moment and just do that. Let us laugh a little more and live a little better each day! Follow your heart like never before!

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