Have You Found It Yet?

The fall foliage season is here paving the way for new festivities and excitement. Aaliyah, Ethan and I were lazing in the apartment. Aaliyah is a beach baby and like every year she was not willing to set aside her swimwear for the coming months. While both of us were talking about our next vacation, Ethan was caught up in his own thoughts.

“Hey Ethan, what are you thinking?” I asked. “About tomorrow. It’s Monday again and then the entire week. Don’t feel like getting back to work,” he answered. Ethan has just started with his work and the demotivated approach wasn’t desirable for him. “Why is it so?” asked Aaliyah. As he munched on the waffles, he expressed that his work wasn’t enticing enough. “The same work and the same routine. I abhor it,” he added.

Before things go haywire I had to give him some clarity. “What is your life’s objective, Ethan?” I asked. “To be happy, which I am not at the moment. My work is not letting me be myself”, he replied. “No Ethan, being happy is perhaps your life’s goal but your objective isn’t that. The objective is a concrete short term aim that helps you to achieve your long term goal. Not to forget, it keeps you elated throughout the journey,” I explained.

“He is puzzled, Bob! I can clearly see that,” expressed Aaliyah. His perplexed look was making it so evident. I explained to him further from my perspective.  “Say, you decide to be a singer.  That becomes your goal. However, if you want to be a singer whose songs would give others inspiration and a message then that becomes your objective. That your songs are going to strike the chord of people’s heart, create value and motivate them then that becomes your objective,” I said.

“Now I exactly know why I don’t have that adrenaline rush at work. I was clearly disillusioned. Thank you so much, Uncle Bob. I really need to rethink my life’s objective and goal,” he said.

“That’s wonderful. Labor Day is here. It’s a national holiday, take some time out that day and see where you want your efforts to be directed. Find a purpose and objective that resonates with your persona,” I smiled and replied. In the meantime, Aaliyah got us some wonderful Choco chip cookies which we devoured with some amazing mango milkshake.

Life without an objective is like traveling in a rudderless boat where you are going with the flow without any tangible results. This can never help us go a long way. The journey of life becomes beautiful when it is aligned with a purpose. We are not here to merely breathe and stay alive, we are here to find a motive to live for. So, have you found it yet? Ask yourself and let us know what answer you gave yourself!

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