Roles Reversed

Filled with the summer ecstasy, both Aaliyah and I got out of work a little early yesterday. We were taking a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The crimson hue accompanied by a serene breeze made the evening extremely pleasant. I saw a young couple posing for a picture with their newborn in hand. “Look there Aaliyah, this reminds me of my travel days with my family. The years with dad,” I said.  Why can’t I have those years back again? I thought. Aaliyah knew where the discussion was heading. She looked at me and gave me a tight hug. A couple of years back, dad lost his eyesight and ever since then we did not have any family outings together. He has lost all his confidence and prefers staying at home. Honestly, at his age, we can’t afford to take any risk.

We walked into a café and ordered two cappuccinos. “Bob whom did you look up to during your tough times?” asked Aaliyah. I smiled and answered, “Undoubtedly my dad”. Aaliyah continued, “And did your dad teach you to find excuses and not solutions?” I was a little taken aback. “No, never,” I answered.

Suddenly it rang a bell somewhere. I looked at Aaliyah with a smile. She chuckled and pointed at the mustache the cream had created. “What now?” I asked. “Time to get those travel bags out, Bob,” she said. Taking charge of situations in hand is something which I have always done. It has always made things easier. The same way I have to deal with this now.

Looking at a toddler being gently tossed in the air by his father and seeing him coming back with a giggle, I could entirely relate to it. How much I enjoyed without any fear! I will make sure that my dad entrusts the similar confidence in me, his son. Father’s Day is here. I am not letting dad feel helpless “A safe travel with proper arrangements had to be ensured from my end,” I said. “Yes, but first you have to convince him,” said Aaliyah. “Will do that. Have to motivate him! It’s time to get roles reversed,” I replied.

Old age is a time when you see your parents succumbing to unfavorable situations. Fear of things going out of hand and falling sick often fills their mind. How we handle the scenario makes a lot of difference. Reliability in a person can invoke both faith and confidence in others. It is an undisputed quality. Giving your dad the credibility that you have grown up to be a son or daughter of great courage and responsibility is one of the best Father’s Day gift you can ever give. It’s time to surprise your dad with small actions of pride which will make them cherish this day forever!

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