Singing Along With You

I was sitting on the couch and watching a new web series when I got a call from my friends, Megan, Steve, and Adrian.

The conversation started with pulling each other’s legs and then it went on to how much we would be missing each other on this Friendship Day!

“Each year we have so much fun. I can’t believe that we can’t be together this time,” said Megan. “That’s true! This year would feel quite empty without all of us going to our favorite pizzeria,” said Adrian.

“I can’t wait to see you all. However, this pandemic situation has made our friendship stronger, I feel. Despite not being able to meet or execute plans outside, we are constantly being there for each other. Being there through thick and thin, defining the real essence of friendship!” I expressed.

“I agree, Bob! Whether it’s going for a drink together after a day’s work or to cry our hearts out, we have always been there like pillars, always!” said Megan. “We will celebrate once we overcome this situation,” said Steve. “We will!” I replied and we hung up.

Right after the call some happy flashbacks crossed my mind. Aaliyah came to serve the white sauce pasta. I held her hand and said, “I am glad to have found a real friend in you, Aaliyah. Apart from love, friendship is another important aspect of making a relationship going healthy and strong,” I expressed.

She gave an admiring look and said, “Same here, Bob! I am so lucky to have found a friend in my partner.”

Caring, trustworthy, funny, helpful, crazy, they are a bundle of happiness! True friendship is when friends reside miles away but stay united by hearts! When you start humming an old song you will see how they remember the entire lyrics and sing along with you!

Cheers to such friendship on this Friendship Day!

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