Smile and Make This World A Beautiful Place!

My Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

Here I am to connect with you every week and share some happiness and of course, a lot of information. The joy of sharing happiness is something that I enjoy and I am sure you enjoy reading the newsletters that I send across to you. The point of this exercise is to make sure you remember all the important days that this week brings and you use it to build relationships and make the most out of the opportunities. Always be mindful of the fact that a greeting card speaks a million words. That said, let’s take a stroll and visit the events and emotions of the week.

Polar Bear Day [Feb 27]

I like a world that is beautiful. Yes, in terms of nature. Greenery all around, shrubs and trees, flowers and lakes, animals and sunshine, snow and cold, fire and water, sky and breeze – all these and more. Nature has a way of making even contradictions look cute.

In biting cold, there is the polar bear. On a dirt pond, there is lotus. Such is the way of nature. And I salute nature for its creation – the polar bear. Can anything be more cute and cuddly?

Today is Polar Bear Day and an excuse of a day to hug someone who is cute and cuddly to you and whom you care for.

Share a Smile Day [Mar 01]

What is more beautiful in this world than a smile? Everyone smiles differently. A child gives out a toothless smile that is so endearing. A grandparent has such a smile too, genuine and heartfelt. Then there is the girlfriend’s smile – if heaven smiled, that would be it. And then there is the boyfriend’s wholehearted and big mouth open smile.

Smiles are aplenty and come in various ways, but they are reassurance to us that the world still has soul. Smile is the fuel that drives our heart. To make us smile, we have to make others smile. It is a chain reaction and an infectious happy disease.

Spread this one and make the world a beautiful place on Share a Smile Day.


Aaliyah has this habit of rst out with a hurtful and hateful word. Then she goes quiet. It would take me half an hour to an hour to get her back to normal and a few more hours to get her back in a good mood.

She wouldn’t budge until I make amends by being funny, cracking jokes, dancing around and all that jazz.

I finally asked her why she needs to nag and make me say something bad when I am in a bad mood myself. And then she said, “Bob, you see, when I do that and you hurt me with your words, you make amends by being funny and happy for the next few hours. You forget the problems you have had in the first place and become happy. It is okay that you hurt me, but that is a small price to pay to bring a smile back on your face.”

Need say more? There is a reason why I love this girl.

Stay in Touch

You know what makes a relationship strong, be it friendship, love or even a rapport with a client or a colleague? Being in touch.

Yes, that’s right. If you follow up, if you take the time to announce that you remember, it translates to “I care for you.” And that goes a long way in cementing relationships in a personal or professional world.

I am here every week to remind you that. And you should do the same to the ones you love and care for.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Share a Smile Day 2016 [Mar 1]

Send Share a Smile Day Greetings!
Send Share a Smile Day Greetings!


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Send Love Greetings!

Stay in Touch

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Send Stay In Touch Greetings!

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