Happy International Women’s Day!

My Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

There is no moment better than the moment I sit down and pen my words for your consumption. The very idea that a receptive ear awaits is adrenaline-pumping enough. Happiness is delivered through mail in the place I work. We deal with greeting cards that pack loads of smiles. We make the world a happier place one greeting card at a time. Live life to the fullest is my motto and to do that we have to make the people around us happy. Let us move on and touch the finer aspects of a special day this week: International Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day [Mar 8]

I strongly believe that women were created to inhabit this world. And no one else. God created a beautiful world and filled it with beautiful people – women. And just to appreciate their power, beauty and grace, He created men and others. That is the fact. However much a man can try, but he can never match a woman’s self control, inner strength and/or will to move forward. A man has strong bones, but can never look into the eyes of a woman with conviction. There is a reason why she is not physically stronger than man. And the reason is she doesn’t need that brute strength. Her one gaze is enough.

We salute the women who make this world a beautiful place – Happy Women’s Day!

Love [Mar 8]

When you are in power and still exercise self-control is when you are a leader. Every woman is a leader in her own right. They have absolute power in a relationship, but they seldom show it. They let us men folk think that we lord over them, but the opposite is true. The illusion is good for a man’s ego, but the truth remains different. She becomes vulnerable because that is what she wants to be with us. She puts us first and front and is content taking a backseat because she isn’t insecure and knows her strength as a lady. That is the beauty of a woman in love.

Appreciate it when you have known this fact, give her the respect she deserves and a whole lot of flowers and make this a romantic International Women’s Day!

Family [Mar 8]

A family is made up of women of substance. It is like a ministry with different departments dispensing love. You have a mother who is the start and end of all things in life. You have a sister who is the emotional equivalent of a mother when she isn’t around. And then you have the wife who is nothing but a mirror form of mother. They are all the same. They are called different names by different people related in blood and matrimony. They don’t discriminate but just give. They are givers and never takers. In fact they don’t even ask. They don’t expect. They just exist. To make them smile, here’s a chance.

Remind them that you appreciate what they are to you and to the world and wish yourfamily members a great day on this day.

Inspirational Wishes [Mar 8]

This one’s to the lady: Do not underestimate yourself.

On this day, take an oath to understand your own power. Innocence is cute, but ignorance is a crime. Understand that you are blessed. Men and women are created equal, but God is a bit biased towards you. You are special. You have special powers. You should know that.

Don’t allow hatred touch you. You are the epitome of love. Celebrate yourself.

Be proud.

Happy International Women’s Day to you!

Take care,

Editor Bob

International Women’s Day 2016 [Mar 8]

Send Love Greetings!
Send Love Greetings!

International Women’s Day 2016 [Mar 8]

Send Family Greetings!
Send Family Greetings!

International Women’s Day 2016 [Mar 8]

Send Inspirational Wishes Greetings!
Send Inspirational Wishes Greetings!
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2 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day!

  1. Wow, I don’t think I have ever felt happier about being a woman than after reading your newsletter. You really do understand how complicated we are. Thank you for seeing through all the fluff.

  2. B., With this newsletter you have given me much hope and inspiration. How is it that you can understand women so well and so many men do not. Sad to say, that really understanding women and their ways is a rare trait in men. Don’t get me wrong- I love men and their maness! But only a few as so many have disappointed me.
    Yet you are what a true and dear man and that is enough for me. kisses to you, L.

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