St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Ahead!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

After one eventful week here comes another one. Such is life. There is always a door opened when one closes. Be attentive. Do not wail and cry when a door shuts; be patient and wait for a signal, there is an opportunity in every calamity. Remember that. Even love happens more than once. Don’t break your heart and live in despair. There is always a second chance and if you keep your confidence up, there is always a third chance. Having said that, let’s move on and walk through the events and emotions of the week.

St. Patrick’s Day [Mar 17]

Wear the shamrock, go green is the mantra and then do the jiggy with some green beer to taste. That sums up St. Patrick’s Day and wait! Did I forget the parade?

All said it is one day of green fun. Too many people love this day in my gang and Aaliyah is simply crazy about it. This is one day she lets her hair down on the road literally. Guzzling beer and yapping like there is no tomorrow, we enjoy the day to hilt. I love this day for many reasons, but mainly for the joy it brings. It is a holiday that brings all my friends together and even strangers say hello on this day. The symbolism of this day is amazing, the Irish revelry and the leprechaun symbol and more fun add to the uniqueness of this event.

Hope you are waiting ready to go bonkers on the day, eh?

No Smoking Day [Mar 13]

I had a friend who chain smoked and his reason for smoking was this: It made him feel more macho and yes, it was a stress reliever. He mentioned that whenever he felt very happy or too sad, he smoked. Then, when I prodded, he confessed he smoked even when nothing notable in terms of emotions happened. He smoked for every reason and no reason. He then agreed and admitted that he has become an addict. And he didn’t want to smoke.

Thereafter, it was easy for him to quit. Yes, that’s the truth. Once you admit to yourself that smoking is a problem and not a solution, then you would be able to quit easily. OnNo Smoking Day take an oath with me to end this nasty habit and do yourself a favor. While you are at it, send the greeting cards to all your friends and the ones you care, who have this bad habit and want to quit.


Know of 3 a.m. friends? Well, those are the ones whom you call at that ungodly hour to spill the beans on a latest relationship or a problem that’s eating you. They patiently listen to you even at that hour and dispense good advice. How many people are blessed with such friendship.

Not many, sadly. If there were more such friends, then there would be less number of suicides, psychological breakdowns, etc.

I am blessed with a good lot of such friends. They don’t allow me to break and I am indebted to them. This friendship is cultivated through bonding over greeting cards and social network. Be in touch is the mantra. Any relationship needs nurturing even friendship.


Talking about friendship, can pets be far behind?

Walking in hind legs, shaking their tail, drooling all over, they are the friends that God sent home to live with us. They are not showpiece to show to your friends and others. They are not animals who perform tricks. They are not show dogs to win you prizes.

Pets are a blessing and not something you can employ for leisure.
They are friends with a heart. Treat them as one.

Take care,

Editor Bob

No Smoking Day 2016 [Mar 9]

Send No Smoking Day Greetings!
Send No Smoking Day Greetings!


Send Friendship Greetings!
Send Friendship Greetings!


Send Pets Greetings!
Send Pets Greetings!

3 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Ahead!

  1. B., Across the miles, for St. Patrick’s Day, sending you a rainbow of happiness with a pot of gold at its base. You are such a warm and loving person who finds love all around and takes it to heart. Your newsletters appear light and sweet. But I see far more deeper meaning in them all. thank you for this and sharing your stories. hugs and kisses, L.

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