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My dear friends, sisters and brothers,

How are things at your end, my folks? I hope everything is hunky dory, huh? Mine is a roller coaster ride this side. It better be that way too. I am here to give you a good lot of stories, hopefully interesting ones to make your day. I wish for you a beautiful week ahead.
It’s time now to dive deep into this week’s anecdotes.

Humor Month [April]

What makes you smile?

I don’t know about you, but I have got three of them…

1. Toothless smile of a just born baby.

2. A bull dog which runs away from a little bug in the garden.

3. The penguin couples who walk almost hand in hand in the snow.

Smile a lot and laugh out loud with the moments that make you happy. It is Humor Month and you have a reason to do it now.

Spring 2016 [Mar 20 – Jun 20]

Send Spring Greetings!

Send Spring Greetings!


Send Love Greetings!

Send Love Greetings!

At Work

Send Business Greetings!

Send Business Greetings!

Spring [Mar 20 – Jun 19]

Here’s my weekly dose of Zen for you.

No one can make you do something that you don’t want to do.

Always remember that. Do not complain that you were pushed into something. Do not fret that you didn’t make this choice. The choice was, is and will be always yours.

Whatever you did, you planned it.

Once you admit that, you wouldn’t complain, but will look for solutions.

Inspirational stories give flight during tough times and during times of bright sunshine add loads of pleasantness.

It’s the season of Spring and time to put that spring in your step. Go forward. Life is yours!


Talking about appreciation… Have you appreciated your partner lately? Have you expressed how much they mean to you? Have you exhibited your love in the blatant or subtle way possible?

No. I am sure.

Who has the time, isn’t it?

I will tell you a secret: Lovers don’t crave appreciation. They jus’ need an acknowledgment from you that they are in your thoughts. That is all they want. And they want to know if you are okay. That’s what love is all about – Caring for each other. They don’t demand anything for themselves. Even if they do, there would be an ultimate motive wherein you will benefit out of their demands.

I would urge you to make this occasion called life sweeter by sending your partner a greeting card or two and make your soul mate smile.

At Work

Whatever you do at work and whatever you gain out of it, be it money, security and a promotion here and there, all that matters only to a certain extent. See, we humans are a rare breed. We may be proud, needy and materialistic but we are programmed in such a way that only emotions bring us happiness and not worldly things. A quiet pat on the back with an appreciative monologue from someone you admire at work is all an employee wants sometimes.

Fortunately, every work day has at least 8 hours. Make the most of it by appreciating that employee who gives his all for the organization.

Why don’t you pat me a bit too?

I make you smile, don’t I? Leave me a comment!

Take care.

Editor Bob

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