Happy Easter and Shalom Passover!

My dear friends, sisters and brothers,

Were you fooled? I went through the day of fools without much incident… How about you? Anyway, enough of fooling around, let’s get to some serious prayers. I have some interesting things to say about three important festivals that are to be celebrated around the world. Do walk along and let us find out together what’s in store.

Happy Easter [Apr 8]

What is more beautiful than God reassuring us that He is there for us and what is more poignant than God telling us He has paid for our sins and He is carrying the cross for us?

This beautiful Easter day I urge you all to be at the house of God and pray for the well being of the world. In times like these, it is important for us to unite and take His name in prayer. When everything in this world looks dark, we should walk towards the light.

I wish you and your families a very Happy Easter and may God shower you with His blessings on this blessed day.

Easter Religious [Apr 8]

Religious hymns and candle fragrance in His divine presence is what Easter is all about. Such a beautiful blessed day that cleans the soul of even a stone hearted man. This day we should look up to Him and see what He has done for us and think about what He has asked us to do. It is time for introspection. It is time for good religious fervor and time for a day full of prayer.

Sing His songs, sing His praise and rejoice in the return of the Lord.

He created this world, He gave us His life and we should thank Him on His day.

May God bless us.

Good Friday [Apr 6]

He walked a long path with trail of blood, thorn as crown and disheveled robe as His attire. There were people weeping and tyrants whipping with scary lashes. All this He took upon Himself patiently and gladly as He did this for us.

Son of God walked this earth and lived as a lesson for the human kind. A day of remembrance of His sacrifice and His good deeds is this day.

Praise Him and thank Him, but don’t forget to follow in His footsteps. His teachings are to be the way of life that will lead us to light.

Believe in it and follow His trial.

Easter 2016 [Mar 27]

Send Easter Greetings!

Send Easter Greetings!

Good Friday 2016 [Mar 25]

Send Good Friday Greetings!

Send Good Friday Greetings!

Passover 2016 [Apr 22 – 30]

Send Passover Greetings!

Send Passover Greetings!

Passover [Apr 6 – 14]

Spic and clean the house should be in preparation for Passover, shouldn’t it be?

Elaborate meals and a beautiful celebration. Such is the occasion of Passover that it unites all Jews under one roof. It is a celebration of Jewish life and a joyful celebration.

Rituals are ages old but their meaning is still profound. It is with pride that we celebrate this day for having not forgotten who we are and where we come from and what happened to us.

When there comes a day where both celebration and introspection happens on the same day, it is bound to be a beautiful day and such a day is Passover.

Wish you happiness, prosperity and peace on this day.

Talking of hope, there is spring all around and a whole lot of laughter I can hear in the green lawns of my neighborhood as I write this right now. I hope many of you are having a whole lot of fun in the season of green.

Take care.

Editor Bob



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