You Are Nobody’s Fool!

My Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

Quite a long week last one was. How was it for you? I hope this one is a short and sweet week for all of us. Many interesting things are happening around the world and the advent of technology has given us a window into the lives of every single happening that happens around the world. The best part is we get to know the different festivities and celebrations around the globe and it gives us that extra special feeling to know of a particularly ordinary day in our part of world to be a special day in some other place. A feeling of celebration that we all feel at is jus’ like that.

April Fools’ Day [Apr 1]

I call it officially Steve’s birthday! And for a good reason. Anybody can fool him. He is like that. You can just walk to him and say the aliens are on the rooftop and he will pack some lunch for them. That’s the kind of bloke we have here.

On April Fools’ Day, he is the favorite of all his friends who want to pull a fast one on someone. He falls for everything and everybody has a good laugh at this expense.

But again, he says that he does that to make others happy and he finds it funny to see people getting fooled thinking that he has been fooled.

Some logic huh?!

Well, either way, someone gets fooled when they are in the vicinity of Steve on this day. Would you like to come over?

Great Lovers Day [Apr 2]

On Great Lovers Day, Aaliyah posed me this tough one.

“Bob, tell me something… Who are the famous lovers you like the most?


“Well, is it Romeo-Juliet or ?” She asked again.

I wasn’t able to come up with an answer just like that. Those two didn’t live to see the world. And then Titanic came to mind, Jack and Rose, at least one died there too. I could think of only one pair of great lovers and they were my parents.

I told her that.

She smiled.

Well, sometimes the greatest of all are in our own family, you know. Maybe we should start looking at the obvious from now on.

Great Lovers Day 2016 [Apr 2]

Send Great Lovers Day Greetings!

Send Great Lovers Day Greetings!


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Send Anniversary Greetings!

At Work

Send Business Greetings!

Send Business Greetings!


Talking about mom and dad, they were celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversaryand I had thrown a party in celebration.

It was a beautiful occasion. My mom still glowed like a bride and my old man was still making passes at her. Well, I don’t know what keeps them attracted to each other even at this age and after such a long union.

My dad explained to me thus…

“Bob, it’s about knowing that she is the one. I will be what I am till she is around. I would die if I don’t see her around me. I am completely dependent on her and she knows that. And that’s why she loves me.”
I kind of understood that, did you?

At Work

Three cardinal rules at work to adhere for all of you:

Work like as if it is your own personal chore and not as a favor to someone else.

Work while you work and if you feel like playing, go home. Don’t waste yours and office time by sitting there and burning resources.

Don’t gossip.

Take care.

Editor Bob

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