Please, Stay In Touch.

Dear friends, sisters and brothers,

I am overwhelmed by the beautiful days and reflective over the not-so-good days. Maturity has set in and I hope the same happens to the world leaders and anti-social elements around the world. Maybe then the world will be a better place. That said, let’s keep the conversation light hearted by revisiting those good old days.

Cuddly Kitten Day [Mar 23]

If Kong is my best buddy at home then there is a sweetheart whom I have hidden from you all. Her name is Stacey and she is quite a cutie. Oh! Yes, I am talking about ourcuddly kitten who with her antics keeps us all busy all day. Kong himself is besotted with his natural rival and they have hit it off quite well.

They cuddle and sleep, eat together and play well. Surprise of surprises, Kong lets Stacey dominate with brotherly affection.

Sight to behold that one is. I wish human beings were as kind.

Hot Tub Day 2016 [Mar 28]

Send Hot Tub Day Greetings!

Send Hot Tub Day Greetings!

Stay in Touch

Send Stay In Touch Greetings!

Send Stay In Touch Greetings!


Send Anniversary Greetings!

Send Anniversary Greetings!

Hot Tub Day [Mar 28]

Tell me five places where one would like to get cozy with his lover?

I have a list and I am sure you would have one too. Here’s mine:

1. Behind a lonely park tree.

2. In a phone booth.

3. On a lonely rock by the beach.

4. Atop a tree house.

5. In a hot bath tub.

And the fifth one is quite intimate and passionate of course. A bit kinky I know, but well, everything is fair in love and war!

Stay In Touch

Everyone has that one friend who pops into our flow of thoughts once in a while. That friend who was quite naughty and quite a good buddy in our childhood times. The one whose adventures make us smile even today, but the same friend with whom you are not in touch at all.

Maybe, it’s because of that ego where we expect him to make the first move to get in touch or jus’ maybe we are too busy to even try.

Nevertheless, there comes a day when you notice him in a crowd when partying at a diner. You tentatively walk and politely introduce yourself. And then all hell breaks loose. Hugs, back slaps and a lot of expletives follow between the two and huge grins replace the awkward scene. It is a beautiful pleasant thing – to meet a friend whom you missed.

Stay in touch with the ones who are dear and near to you. If you can’t through a chat or on the phone, try out a greeting card. It will suffice to keep in touch.


In the world of pre-nupital agreements and quickie divorces, my uncle, Stan and aunt, Leslie completed their 50 years of being together in their beautiful world ofmatrimony. I wished them well and wished I would have a union with Aaliyah jus’ like theirs.

There are a few dreams that do come true and those are the dreams one is willing to pursue with all his heart.

This one I will.

Do you have a dream?

Tell me.

Take care.

Editor Bob

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