Thanksgiving & Black Friday Bash!

The Election Day was all over America. The newspapers are crowded with opinions and voices which will be piled up for the dump yard the next morning. Alongside are the flashing banners of Black Friday sales preponed to cover the much popular festival of Thanksgiving.

One at Walmart caught my attention. I am excited to grab some stuff for my friends and family from the sale for the Thanksgiving feast planned at my house in the coming week.

With Aaliyah turning vegan. The dinner will have no Turkey but we have a very interesting buffet of delicious spread and dessert being prepared by Megan and Aaliyah.

The dishes are going to be free of all animal products, which means no milk, butter, eggs or animal flesh. Adrian has been cribbing ever since he heard this but Aaliyah reassures that it will be one of our best Thanksgiving dinners ever.

With pumpkin spices, herbs and interesting sauces and blends Aaliyah always creates presentable and mouth-watering meals. For dessert we have the bowl of Pumpkin Pie which looks stunning and is incredibly tasty.

The dishes include floral-flavored mashed potatoes with rosemary, lentil pot pie, kale salad and a lot of delicious and unique dishes on the list of options for us on Thanksgiving.

The holiday time is full of excitement for all of us. I can’t wait to see my family and friends together celebrating our gratitude over a big, sumptuous meal. It is time to count our blessings and say thanks to God and people who contributed in making our life complete and joyous.

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