The True Sweetness Of Valentine!

What makes Valentine so sweet? Is it sweet simply through the act of saying “I love you”, giving a Valentine’s Day gift, or sending a Valentine’s Day card?

Well, if you ask me, the true sweetness of Valentine is not the act itself, but the meaning behind every action. I think the best Valentine’s Day quote that captures this sweetness is this quote on love by Lao Tzu:

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

It is such a profound perspective that exemplifies the true strength and courage of love. And that’s the strength and courage we give out when we express our love, be it through a heartwarming Valentine’s Day poem or a simple loving hug for family or a thank you hug for the friends we love.

This strength and courage is further reiterated with Heart to Heart Day, which also falls on 14th of February. With these two powerful events of love falling on the same day, it’s an amazing window of opportunity for everyone to open our hearts to each other and seal the power of love in our lives.

Let’s also remember the most universal expression of love – a hug! So show your love to every single person in your life by sending a warm hug on Hug Day this Wednesday, 12th of February.

May the strength and courage of love be with you, always and forever!

Heart to Heart Day
February 14, 2014

Send Heart to Heart Day Ecard!
Send Heart to Heart Day ecard!

Valentine’s Day
February 14,2014

Send Valentine’s Day Ecard!
Send Valentine’s Day Ecard!

Hug Day
February 12, 2014

Send Hug Day Ecard!
Send Hug Day Ecard!

One thought on “The True Sweetness Of Valentine!

  1. B., You know, there is no sweeter on-line writer than you. Thank you for this heartwarming newsletter and sharing the beautiful quote by Lao Tzu. Love is most definitely strong. You feel like you can climb the highest mountain or swim the widest sea. Love is courage with a deep confirmation is what I say to anyone who follows their heart. Happy Valentine’s Day, B. hugs, L.

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