They Both Got Each Other

A few years back an incident changed our life. That rainy night when we rescued our pooch, Kong, and got him home we knew that our life was going to change for the better. Our home became the happiest and chirpiest place. Coming back to slobbery mouth, getting greeted with that excitement, and giving that extra cookie for that cute puppy face – all of it gives us an unfathomable joy. The tiny ball of fur has become a handsome boy now.

Last week we had gone to visit Fred. He isn’t keeping well and taking care of his pet is becoming challenging. He has decided to stay with his family for a few months and so was looking for someone who could adopt his pooch, Tango.

“Hey, Alan is away from his family and feels lonely. Having Tango at his place would surely make his days amazing. Remember this one time he had wished for a pet. Why don’t we give Tango a new home?” Suggested Aaliyah.

Love Your Pet Day is here and that’s a great idea! He will be the best companion. Alan will have brighter days and Tango will have a new loving home!” I expressed.

Two days back we brought Tango and surprised Alan. He was so overjoyed! “Bob and Aaliyah, this is the best thing that has happened in many days. I can’t wait to spend my days with him,” He had expressed.

It’s been two days and trust me we have never seen Alan this happy since he has moved in. The late riser wakes up early to go down for a walk with him in the morning. From cooking his meal to making his bed- he is narrating every detail to us. We are planning to go out to a pet café with Kong and Tango! The two handsome boys and all three of us will have a great time.

They make you feel that you have gone for a year when you have been out for a five minutes trip. But, that is what reflects their pure love. The happy hormones are at their zenith when they are around us. The four paws never fail to leave an eternal mark on our hearts. The more we spend time with them the more we thank God for pets!

Let me know how you are planning to spend your time with your pet on Love Your Pet Day!

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