One Smile, Endless Joy!

Yesterday I got up early and watered the flowers in the balcony. I waved at Mrs. Bradley and got greeted with a beautiful smile. That brightened up my morning. I went inside and decided to make a healthy breakfast for me and Aaliyah.

Mrs. Bradley’s smile reminded me of my mother. Every morning she greeted us with a wide smile. No matter how bad or stressful the previous day went, she would always embrace a new morning with a smile. “It’s a new day and it will never be the same as the previous one. Neither will it come back! Each day unfolds new possibilities and new beginnings. Let us always smile and be positive!” She used to say.

Share a Smile Day is here! I decided to send a smiling picture of mine in our friend’s group on Whatsapp with a light message. I asked everyone to do the same. Slowly one by one, everyone posted their smiling selfies in the group. Some from the café while having breakfast, some right out of bed, some after the morning workout, and some right before client meetings.

“This was so relaxing and I am not at all stressed about the meeting, thanks Bob,” replied Megan.

“Oh, this was so therapeutic. Loved it!” Said Steve.

“A great start and a great message! Now the day will go great!” Expressed Donna.

One smile can bring endless joy! When we smile, it creates a ripple effect that makes others smile too. It has the power to change the course of our day. It sets the tone of the day with hope and positivity. It assures the heart that everything is fine and that each moment of life is beautiful. Also, we look the best with that wide curve on our faces.

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