This Christmas, Let our Conviction Be Stronger!

Winter tease and festive galore have given a spike to the dopamine level of everyone here in Big Apple – it’s Christmas! All my friends are caught up in the celebratory spree. We are having an indoor celebration and gathering after what seems like ages!

Mrs. Bradley has lit up the garden and Alan is taking care of the food. Aaliyah is going to capture the moments with her photography, Donna is in charge of all the games that we are going to play. Holiday sangria, peppermint martini, jingle holiday punch – Steve and Megan are in charge of making some wonderful cocktails.

Kate, our fashion police is making sure that everyone looks their best. Fred is going to read some amazing poems and Adrian will be strumming the guitar. We will join him by singing aloud. Ethan and Emily are going to join us live virtually!

“I love decorating the Christmas tree. I feel as if the lost innocence comes back. No fear, no worries! Just hope and happiness!” expressed Aaliyah.

“Well, that’s what the festive traditions do! We are bound to feel that way!” I replied.

“This year has been a roller coaster ride for most of us, Bob. I pray that the world heals. I pray that these last few days end on a good note for all of us and we welcome another year filled with hope and positivity!” She expressed.

“A blend of faith and hope has always brought in miracles! Let’s keep these two unwavering and intact!” I replied. She smiled. Then we got back with our arrangements.

The green Christmas tree is symbolic of the evergreen nature of life amidst all odds and adversities. The stars give us hope for tomorrow. The candle is the source of light that reminds us that we are always being blessed with guidance and must help others in the journey. The bells are here to drive away the evil thoughts and negativity. The red poinsettias symbolize true love and Christ’s sacrifice for humanity.

So, do we still stay doubtful of the coming days? No way! There is no room for ‘ifs and buts’! Our conviction on the almighty should be stronger than any of our challenging experiences.

With that thought in mind, let’s end this year with gratitude and welcome the New Year with high spirits! Merry Christmas to all of you!

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