Pouring The Heart Out On This Holiday Thank You

The holidays invoke a myriad of emotions as we look forward to spending quality time with our loved ones. For me, it’s also the time when I keep traveling down the memory lane to cherish and reflect. Being grateful for the beautiful relationships that I am blessed with!

Sitting on the couch, I was eagerly waiting for a call from my elder sister, Liz. But why was this call so important? I wanted to know if she liked my gift!

I am thankful for having a sister like Liz who never thought twice before putting my wants before her. I remember, how during our teenage years, she never hesitated to let go of some of her favorite antiques in the garage sale just to let me buy my favorite things. And, that’s just one such example!

I wanted to make this Holiday Thank You special for her with a small surprise. She had an old bracelet that was given to her by one of our aunts. Over time some precious stones went missing. Knowing what emotional attachment she holds to that bracelet, I got those exclusive stones ordered and fixed! And, along with it, I gave her a new pair of matching earrings.

Finally, the phone rang and an overjoyed Liz expressed, “Thank You, Bob! You must have spent a fortune to get it fixed! And the earrings, they are beautiful! I love the gift. Can’t wait to wear them this Christmas!”

Bringing a smile to the faces of our loved ones fills us with inner joy. “I’m glad that you loved the gift! Don’t worry about the cost! It was not as expensive as your smile! Thank You for always showering me with your unconditional love!” I expressed.

“I love you, Bob! Now don’t make me cry!” She expressed. “Okay, I won’t! Don’t forget to bake my favorite snowball cookies before I reach your place tomorrow!” I expressed. She laughed and said, “All right! I’ll keep that ready for you!” Then we hung up.

A heart full of gratitude paves the way for happiness and priceless moments! At the same time, pouring our hearts out makes the bond grow stronger.

On this Holiday Thank You let your loved ones know what they mean to you!

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