It Is A Great Idea To Fix And Repair

“Yes, we shall be there!” I said and hung up. It was an invitation call from Adrian and May who have planned a nice evening on Hanukkah! We are going to celebrate the festival of lights by sticking to Hanukkah traditions. All of us are going to light the menorah at home and pray for a hopeful tomorrow! Then we are going to play the Dreidel game, cook and bake delicious food and eat gelt to enjoy every essence of this festival.

“I still get so excited about dressing up and joining our friends for such celebrations!” Expressed Aaliyah. “Well, that’s the beauty of such festivities!” I replied.

I got up to make us some hot chocolate when I got a call from Ethan. “Hey, Ethan! How have you been? What are your plans for Hanukkah?” I asked.

“I’m okay! And, this year I’m in a dilemma!” He replied. “Why so?” I asked. There was a pause.

“After I shifted here in Boston, my colleague John turned into a close friend. We have been celebrating all the festivals together. Last month I was given a project by my boss that he was expecting. Ever since then things are not the same between us. He has been upset,” he expressed.

“Did you try talking to him about it?” I asked.

 “Well, I did try to but he behaves very cold. Now our friendship has gone a little awkward! He has invited me to his place though but I feel it’s just out of formality!” He replied.

“At the moment his self-esteem is hurt and he is letting ego come in his way. He isn’t being rational but you can. At least he is being cordial and trying to keep things going. You should take the first step in breaking the ice and make things better!” I replied.

“You’re right! I should be there for him and let him know that nothing can come in the way of friendship. But will he understand, Uncle Bob?” He asked.

“The candle and the miracle of Hanukkah all signify hope! So always be hopeful. Give it time, he will. When he will see how much you value him he too will start reciprocating,” I replied.

 “Thank you so much! Let me start by accepting his invitation! I’ll share with you how it goes!” He replied and then we hung up.

All relationships are tender! They are a blend of so many emotions that we can’t figure out what happens when things go a little unpleasant! Never let a small incident drive you to conclusions. Things might not be perfect but give your best! It’s always a great idea to fix and repair the bonds that are close to our hearts! Happy Hanukkah, everyone!

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