Through Thick and Thin, My Friend!

I got a call from Cathy, one of Aaliyah’s close friends. “Yes! I’ll tell her to get back to you. Don’t worry!” I replied to her and hung up. I went out of the room to look for Aaliyah. She was reading a book and her phone was right in front of her.

“Aaliyah, where were you?” Cathy called me up right now as she couldn’t reach out to you,” I said. 

“Yes! I saw her call on my phone. I didn’t respond,” she expressed with disgust. “What’s the matter? Why are you suddenly ignoring her calls?” I asked. She closed her book and looked at me. 

“You know something, lately all she did was call or text me only when she needed some help from me. Besides that, she didn’t care to even put a check on me. It’s so selfish of her, Bob! I am extremely hurt! I just can’t be friends with her for her own needs. I want to move away from this,” she expressed.

“Aaliyah this isn’t how you deal with your friends. You see the July Flowers blooming there in our balcony?” I asked. “Yes, I can see them,” she replied.

“Aaliyah, it’s you who waters the flowers every day. I don’t. However, I’ve never seen the flowers restricting their fragrance, beauty, and therapeutic properties to you alone. Irrespective of who takes care of them they are always there. That’s how friendship must be!” I expressed.

“So what should I do?” she asked. 

“Friendship isn’t about doing something in order to get something in return. You should be with her through thick and thin. Talk to her and figure out what’s wrong. Maybe she isn’t sharing much and you are misunderstanding her. Tell her that you are feeling hurt,” I replied. 

“I think you’re right. I should talk it out. I must be there for her,” she expressed. She took her phone and dialed her number immediately. The two friends were back to their old rapport once again. I could see that in Aaliyah’s eyes! 

They say that friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Friendship is a very close bond. Don’t make lack of communication a breeding ground for misunderstandings. Moreover, wrong assumptions can be extremely harmful to any kind of relationship. Don’t let any single incident make you jump to conclusions! Value the person’s trust, care, and bond which has been built over the years.

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