Is Your Mind Free?

Friday nights have turned into cozy movie dates for Aaliyah and me. 4th of July is here and both of us watched some documentaries relating to American Independence Day. “What a proud moment to feel liberated from the shackles of control! Proud to have such forefathers who led us to the whole new path of this forward-thinking! So empowering for each one of us! Proud to be an independent American!” expressed Aaliyah.

“I agree. Seeing the flag of America soar high gives me goosebumps,” I said. She gave a smile and asked, “Would you like some pastries?” “Yes let us start this week of celebration with some pastries at home,” I replied with a smile. She got the yummy Choco chip pastries.

“You know, Aaliyah, independence has a deeper understanding on a personal level for me. It’s there in each one of us I believe,” I expressed. “What is it?” she asked.

“True feeling of freedom starts with the sense of liberty in the mind. It is there when we are self-driven to follow our dreams and passion without any resistance. It feels like a personal power that uplifts our spirits to lead the desired life we want,” I expressed.

“I get what you are saying. That freedom often gets lost amidst the daily chaos. Over time the experiences of the world outside curtail this freedom of mind. We don’t do that deliberately. We somehow forget what we have in us!” she replied.

“That’s why it is important to nurture our inner selves in a way that we don’t forget who we are! We must not grant our personal space and peace to someone or any external circumstance. We should be aware of the boundaries,” I said.

“That’s true! Likewise, we also must respect others’ choices and space,” she replied. I nodded! We savored the pastries and went to bed!

Personal freedom doesn’t mean that it has to be your way or the high way! It just means that you stand by your choices and respect others’ choices. It keeps us connected to our inner selves and we become much aware. With it, there comes a feeling of satisfaction and contentment towards life. It nurtures us into happy and responsible citizens. We start fostering healthy relationships too!

The real freedom lies in the mind from where it spreads its wings outside. Soon it drives you to conquer your fears and achieve your dreams!

This 4th of July ask yourself, is your mind free?

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