An Eye-Opener

The bright sun and the warm air has soared the temperature of NYC high. Summer is here! Going on a holiday and basking in the sun-kissed beaches is not an option this year! It was Sunday! Aaliyah was busy with indoor photography. I was cooking our brunch. My phone rang. It was Uncle Ben.

“How have you been?” He asked. I was overjoyed to receive his call. “We are doing well! How is Emma auntie and everyone else?” I asked.

Uncle Ben shared how he has been keeping himself going. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, he has found his ways to stay happy from within. Reflecting on the little joys. Spending time with his family, doing the daily chores, reading good books, watching the old episodes of favorite sitcoms with his family, and so on. He knows how to derive greater joy out of simple things. With a year being added each year, he only gets younger and happier.

“Is he always so pumped up? I felt the gush of energy on the call itself!” expressed Aaliyah. I laughed.

“Well, that’s Uncle Ben for you! Yes! He has always been the ‘forever young chap’ in our dad’s group,” I replied. There was a short pause and then Aaliyah said, “I wish we too could be the same,” sighed Aaliyah.

“Why not? Summer symbolizes vitality and youthfulness. The time that makes us explore our inner selves like an adventure! Uncle Ben is like that evergreen summer. No matter what comes up in his life, he stays happy and undefeated always! Something which we can impart,” I expressed.

“True! We can only keep that spark alive when we stop aging in our minds,” said Aaliyah. “Yes! That, and we must welcome every challenge as new learning! See it as an opportunity rather than a struggle,” I expressed. Both of us smiled.

We felt good after the chat session with Uncle Ben. It was like an eye-opener! We shouldn’t let the various challenges of life take that vitality away from us! There is not a single life on earth that isn’t going through any problem. Then why take it all on ourselves and feel as if we are fighting battles? It’s never like that. It’s just a way of progressing each day.

Take life as it comes. Replace the worry lines with a smile. Don’t make happiness conditional to the desired outcome. Stay happy every day! Let that heart stay young, always! Happy summers!

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