What A Sweet Gesture!

It was last Friday. The sun had settled in Big Apple leaving a crimson hue around. Aaliyah was done with her online painting class. I was reading the poems of my favorite author, John Keats. The doorbell rang and a parcel arrived! We quickly sanitized the parcel and unwrapped it. A beautiful purple scented candle lay inside with a note that read:

“On this World Kindness Day, we would like to express our gratitude to both of you, Bob and Aaliyah, for brightening my mom’s days with the beautiful cookies and other sweet gestures. Thanks for being there with her when two of us are miles away and stuck due to this pandemic. This scented candle will fill up your room with its beautiful fragrance and light. Similar to how your kindness spreads warmth to the people around you. Sending you lots of love! – James and Mason.”

The gift was sent by Mrs. Bradley’s sons. Both Aaliyah and I had wide smiles on our faces. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it? What a sweet gesture!” expressed Aaliyah. “Yes, it’s beautiful. Kindness begets kindness. It’s contagious!” I replied.

Often people give the excuse of their ‘busy-ness’ for forgetting to spread love and kindness. That’s just an excuse! We don’t need to spend hours to be kind. It’s not a mammoth task. It can be done by simple and small gestures, like just a smile.

“Let me light this up and set up the ambiance with some wine!” Expressed Aaliyah. “Yes, and let me play some good music!” I replied. It was a beautiful gift and we spent a wonderful evening together!

An act of kindness always makes a difference! It helps to connect with people and leave an everlasting bond. It gives inner joy to see the people around us happy in our presence. Depending on how kindly we treat others, people are going to pick up the cue and do the same. It makes the world a better and happy place.

Most importantly, we don’t need a reason to be kind. Let’s just be kind! It feels good!

Share with me how someone else’s act of kindness has played a role in your life!

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