Keeping The Hope Alive And The Faith Strong

Making two cups of coffee for us, both Aaliyah and I were standing in the balcony. A cool breeze swept over Big Apple. The fragrance of the November flowers was adding a dose of hope to the news we received last night. Aaliyah had got a call from Seattle. Sophia, her aunt has got affected by Covid-19 and we all are worried.

Taking the first sip she looked at me. “I am feeling terrible, Bob. I can’t be there. I have such good childhood memories with her and my cousins. Uncle Daniel was in the US army. I remember how we used to raise a toast on Veteran’s Day. While Uncle used to share his war field stories, my aunt used to bake our favorite cookies. I want her to be fine! I love her so much!” She expressed.

“She will be fine within a few days, Aaliyah. She is undergoing treatment to come out of this. Trust your prayers! We are all in this together!” I expressed.

Seeing our loved ones suffer naturally evokes fear and panic. Our world gets shaken. It was the same with Aaliyah. Feeling her pain is not enough. I have to ensure that she doesn’t fall sick or succumbs to the situation.

I am diverting our conversations to a positive track to avoid further worries or overthinking. I am in touch with her cousins and staying updated. I comforting her every moment. Every now and then I am reminding her of how strong her aunt is and that she will be hearing from her soon. Aaliyah too is trying to think positively.

We are constantly praying and having faith. A faith that Aunt Sophia will be fine and the entire world will be out of this Covid-19 scenario very soon!

The world is going through a challenging time! This is the time to stay connected to our loved ones. A time to take each day at a time. A time to have gratitude for all the blessings that are being showered on us! Keeping the hope alive and the faith strong, we will definitely overcome this pandemic scenario!

Stay safe, everyone!

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